Trend on Hand.

The kids in fashion school are at it again! Although we're not the creators of the black nails, and a large assortment of rings concept-we are bringing it back. Also in the works is bringing back the 90's, but that's for another post.
While in New York, I've only seen one guy with a full hand of black nails and before Mass Appeal I didn't think I would have black nailsna week later. But I'll do anything for Mass Appeal, so I got a "mani" and stepped to the runway with hot black matte nails.

Black Matte is the only option for me, but I'm a budget so I'll take what I can get for the time being. Moving past color, there's another option for the painted nails. All ten filangies (gross word) or opt for the one nail, modeled below by O.Gotham. Think back about 10 years ago when Carson Daly reigned supreme on the after-school music scene. He painted his pinky fingers black. O.G. took that concept and brought it into 2009. So welcome pinky, meet the ring finger.

Last piece of this hand post is the jewelry. All of a sudden, I've fallen in love with jewelry of all sizes and forms. Rings are a major want in my life and I've been so lucky to be getting necklaces and cuffs. To me wearing a lot in one area is so necessary, but don't over-do-it;not a good look. So take note, black nails and jewelry are here to stay!

finger nail ring; Bijules @ OAK

Family rings gold (left) & Goodwood (right)


Donna said...

love those rings...I can see that they are a favorite of my new Matty

Donna said...

Hi Matt: Love your family rings...looking mighty hot