Just Breathe.

I'm starting this post at 10:36.

I've been very negligent about my blog this past weekend. I get really into it starting Sunday night into Monday and so on but then the weekend comes and lately they seem to get really busy. But I don't take pictures of the busy weekend or feel to share about the events taking place like I have done in the past. So I'm starting fresh and I've been thinking a lot about summer looks for me and fall but that's just a blur for now. These images are inspiration for my late spring and summer looks.

the jams

I'm still on my skinhead kick, so now that I've got the boots I'm on the lookout for Fred Perry. It's a stretch but you never know what you can find at the vets and beyond. I would like just one or two polos. Although Pete's face and body is so sickening the outfit's inspiration is still there.

He gave me the inspriation of today's outfit.
But as of 6:50 p.m. all I want is a hoodie. Which is hard to find since it's summer except American Apparel but I'm broke so no American Apparel zip-up for me. But what I really want is this:

The Rocky Eco-Fleece Zip Hoodie

hopefully it warms up!

Fake or Real?....FAKE

So with my lack of life I turned on the TV which was my first mistake. E! channel was the first channel that popped on airing this show called,

E! Entertainment Specials: Fake or Real

The show is a program where a team of judges or whatever ask questions to see who is lying or not about their plastic surgery. This was the episode about transgendered men to women. I love a good tranny show but this was like a root canal of cable programming. I'm sorry there's no graphics or videos to show you but that's a really great thing. BECAUSE IT WOULD ROT YOUR BRAIN and i like you too much for that nonsense. As for my brain, it's rotted.

But what I'm really shocked at is that one of the "judges" is Debra Wilson. Who is hysterical on Madtv and other programs. So I'm sitting there like "Whaaaaaat???" "What is this girl doing?" She was asking serious questions being transgendered with no humor or attempt to be funny. Which made me incredibly sad but whatever I'll think of the good times...

bunifa latifah halifah sharifa jackson!

So I found another graphic while searching for the E! Special; Best Friend, Caralyn. on iChat.

totally posed but uhhh...it's hot right?

all i see now are
golden trailer parks...

One find gets his own post.

After a series of plans falling through this shirt came falling into my lap, and I'm glad it did. Eventhough I really had no idea what the meaning of the shirt was besides the literal sense of "The Tolerent popular guy" and that Tolerant was spelled wrong. So why not purchase it, at a steal of $0.50.



So I researched and I found out this:

He is part of the Creative Growth Art Center which serves adult artists with developmental, mental and physical disabilities, providing a stimulating environment for artistic instruction, gallery promotion and personal expression.

William Scott design.

Memorial Day Finds!

Before the beach, i needed to get a bathing suit for summer 2009 so I got up around 10 to make a run to Amvets. Well little did I know that it was the MEMORIAL DAY 50% OFF EVERYTHING IN THE STORE SALE! So once the fist fight I started for a parking spot was taken care of I got in. It was packed but I still can find anything at Amvets, I've been taught well. So I didn't just get a bathing suit, I got everything BUT a bathing suit.

First and foremost, the boots! They aren't doc martens and the EXACT stlye but its cool. It's a step towards skinhead and I really love them. They fit and were only $4!

and I got some extra fixins'

Happy Memorial Dsy!

A painting in the night.

inspired by jenn;

craft time with bri.
in pitch black.

I went back the next morning to see the final project.

It's strange how many religious symbols seem to end up when i carelessly paint. really strange.

but back to the night before

during the midnight hour I took some photos.

What I did on my Saturday night...

Artists Calling: Called Part 2

First Sign, done.

made by jenn;

my sign is in the works still.

soon to come.

Artists Calling: Called. Part 1

Jenn from Spot down the street
was more than happy to answer the call.

oh adler and lucy came in and brought mya the cutest dog in the world.

to be continued.

A wrap up at the beginning;

So it's Saturday morn' and I decided to start writing today and maybe do another rambling post in a few days. I've got an extra day on Monday. But I want to begin with an apology that the posts aren't as consistent as they have been. I keep losing the cord for the camera and so I don't get the photos on the computer to upload to blogger. Therefore a pretty spotty blog, but I'm working on it.

I found the cord and uploaded the post about the ties. Which I'm excited about although I don't know when I will wear them right now since it's summer or almost. But even if it was a cold day I really don't have a desire to dress in that manor.

I just finished watching This IS England, a movie about a late 80's skinhead gang in England who accept this young boy (a BABY), Shawn who has lost his dad and has no friends. His only friends are the members of this gang and its really graphic and I cannot believe this kid as a bold as a Sharpie. Talk about a baby, yea go watch This IS England and then tell me I'm a baby. But back to the movie which was really good in the end and on a side note, I have a thing for movies with English beaches on cloudy days, don't ask.

BUT the main reason for telling about this movie is the fashion of the Skinhead-ers because they were amazing! I've been hunting for doc marten boots and really skinny short jeans but now I'm going to be like a Lion in the racks at Amvets. Because that is just the best style I've seen in a movie so far. Pretty much every actor or actress in the movie had suspenders and acid wash jeans and rad haircuts. Well the girls were the ones with the great hair, the dudes were uh...skinheads.

So I'll be wearing suspenders at Firebrand today, no question. This post should really be in my senior project because that's where I got inspiration from. Even though the presentation went really well and people are really receptive and open to my ideas, contrary to the ignorance I thought would occur. So thanks to you class, although I don't like many of you. I'll accept you.

Here: some slides from the project.

talk to you soon.


More ties, really adding to my collection over the past few months.
still so much more to go.

Marc Jacobs. YSL. Calvin Klein.

So dumb.

I've been wondering what they all meant.

The name is a blend of "South" and "Houston" from "south of Houston Street." Its name is the model for other new neighborhood acronyms in New York City, such as NoHo, for North of Houston Street, TriBeCa (Triangle Below Canal Street), Nolita (North of Little Italy), and DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass)

thanks web.

Finds with new friends, and some other new stuff.

this week I've got quite the spectrum of stuff mostly unrelated and some not from amvets, but from the secret thrift. Thank you to Trystan for coming along and scoring a shit load of ties and shirts.

cowboy boots

Scribbled with a colored pencil


for the track at Rydell High

Named Camille enjoying the sun
but needs a pair of sunglasses

Camille and I are ready for summer
with more finds to come

A weekend.

that's for all the kids (me) who get called baby pretty much everyday. I'm not really sure if this clip is that relevant but it's 11:15. But I am sure that I don't wear diapers and I'm not drunk or on drugs during the weekend at local scum bars.

thank you to those people that haven't called me baby. You make me want to smile.

smile like this.


Post #2 of May 13, 2009.

Present: Witnessed a Mazda Miata club meeting at a local ice cream stand. Its really real, I counted 10 Miatas before I left, it's ridiculous.

TOMORROW: a day of new friends and thrifting. All I know I will be wearing those as of 10:22 pm. Columbia boots that I really can't decide what else to wear, but maybe it will be JUST boots. illegal.

FUTURE: A new window display concept, scaled down. Instead of my killshopkill glasses there will be a pair of shoes hanging. Think art show meets inner-city sneakers thrown over a telephone wire. held together by XXL size paper clips.

forehead brain activity.
just wait till you see my ideas.

-FIT 2013


thanks ffffound.com

well netflix is busted.

No need for an image but my blog posts always have to have some image in it. that's that.

IMAGES from ffffound.com

Since netflix.com won't open on my computer, I've got some free time. I've been addicted to "Noah's Arc" the day-to-day stories of four gay African American men living in Los Angeles, and no this isn't boyz in da hood more like Melrose. I think the acting is so-so but the show is addicting and so entertaining to me. I mean the flamboyancy and their 4-way phone calls are like crack, picture a gay black sex and the city. So I spent Sunday night watching the first season, it was mother's day after all.

Speaking of best friends, Lu Lu has created a wonderland going into the firebrand window as we speak so you must check out the window at Firebrand because it's jaw dropping. It's the final window for this girl for the summer, which sucks. I suppose I'm losing one of my best friends physically but I trust she's always there on the internet and phone calls. It makes summer coming very bittersweet but I know she will do great things in Boston with a fresh batch of kids. I really look up to her but now it's time for me to step out on my own and create and live. good.

With 22 odd days or so of school left summer is getting closer and closer. That's it for public school education! I'm not really sure how I feel, I mean I cannot wait for new york to come but I mean there's still something to miss. I just haven't figured it out yet, besides MY FRIENDS! (I'm not going to turn this post into a year book signing, I promise) But everything is turning sentimental and "the last" but to me I can't connect an emotion to the sentiment so once again another thing is bittersweet, i think.

Let's get down to something happy-dare I say it uplifting! Moving to New York, which I know isn't that ground breaking but uh....I DON'T GIVE A SHIT. This is my story not any other person from Buffalo's story. My new room mate Orlando and I are going to have the craziest room I think. His insomnia and my compulsive changing is going to be one circus and I really cannot wait. I think we are going to get along great based a little conversation. It's getting closer and closer and I can't think of a better time to get out of Buffalo. Hopefully getting a little fashion thrown in my lap although I'd much rather fight for some.

Tonight Lu Lu's friend Christina is coming in from the city and I cannot wait to do some thrifting with her. It would be great to know someone who knows the city and oh graphic design. It's become one of my newest passions, that I want to become my major or take some classes. I'm really into photoshop as you know from the last lengthy blog post and Christina works with the stuff everyday so I will be grilling her about her line of work while she is here! Hopefully I can get my feet wet.

with that little information out of my head and onto the net. I'd like to take the time to wish one of my best friends BRI a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

bye gurrrl!