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November 14, 2009

Jimmy Choo

New Obsession: Cash Crop

Cash Crop Clothing


Based out of Los Angeles, California Cash Crop is 100% organic and completely on point with the fitted guys of the U.S. I first heard of them at the Red Light PR show in New York this past week, and I'm very happy I did.

This brand caught my eye, especially in the gifting suite and for many reasons. The cut is what I look for and they have it. The "CROP" sweatshirt and henley were also amazing pieces to add to my collection. Even the look book bag's from Cash Crop were 100% reused from old t-shirts and really sick.

Let's get down to business about the clothes. I'm a thinner dude and the size small button down fits like a dream.Other things I look for when purchasing clothes are the little things just for me. It can be details on the clasps and buttons or lining that differs from the outer lining. Cash Crop has their own "little things" for the consumer, in my opinion, which makes me REALLY love them. The under lining on the pockets of a red checkered button down I now have has black underneath. Cash Crop also is genius with the placement of the tags. It's all on the arms of garments which I think adds a signature style giving them brand identity that consumers will recognize instantly.
SO Basically-Cash Crop is a hot brand and can only get hotter.

Check out their site, HERE!

p.s. Shout out to Taryn at Red Light, running the menswear department.

Behind the Beast.

Last night was Behind the Beast presented by Ladies Lotto and I made the guest list. It was at the very nice Soho Grand Hotel and a great way to end the night. I learned so much from the women speaking and of course got some goodies, which is always fun! I really understand how to get my shit out there thanks to last night. It was very inspirational and I'm very fortunate to work with one of the successful women who spoke last evening. It was truly a night of education and power that can't be duplicated.

Red Light PR comes to New York!

Thank you.

See you in L.A.

Calvary Cemetery.

Calvary Cemetery.

Happy Halloween.

city-magazine: story

Photography by Norman Watson

Styling by Donald Lawrence


Kaylee Tankus Spring 2010 Presentation

The Kaylee Tankus Spring 2010 collection was previewed last night on Mulberry st. thanks to OAK. Dom and I strolled in and were feeling it from the get-go. My favorite piece was the dress to the left in the second row. Dom really loved the white shirt on the model to the right in the send row. It was meteoric and clean which I really like. And on a side note the models' hair was really well done. Especially the models with the bun on their head. So Kaylee you get an approval from Matt and Dom. Oh and what do you think of Dom (on bottom) and Myself (top)?

you can't keep the "young fashion kids" out. ha!

Sidewalk Sales Never Got So Street

As I was walking to a party in Soho last night my friend Dom and I found a great sidewalk sale. We loved her jewelry and all the crazy pieces of life we found there. If you are in New York you have to check them out at the corner of Elizabeth st and Houston st. It was ridiculous and wonderful, So many things to buy at a good price. Plus Holly the stand in owner was blissful! SO check these items:

Check out Holly's Blog!

MAC is Back to Black?

MAC does it again with one of it's latest AW09 collections, that shines through it's peer collections DSquared and Flirt with Fall. It is Style Black. A modern day take on film noir, 60's mod, and 80's punk, the collection features only different shades of black. A spot light is on a repromote of the cult favorite Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, and Feline eye kohl. But there is no shortage of new additions to any black addict's makeup kit, including the volcanic ash thermal mask that is self heating, as well as black grease paint sticks that can make a smudgey, day after smokey eye something you can do in your sleep. Style Black's promo images also have enough punch to stand on their own.

Get it while you can.

Alice, Welcome to Hey it's Matt!

In typical Orlando Gotham style, he comes home today with an AMAZING little piece of art, that I cannot get enough of. I mean I'm a fan of Alice in Wonderland but not anywhere near obsessive but the the way Alice was cut and the movement of her falling just stimulates me. The entire scene captivates me, it could be the cup but who knows, I just know I LOVE IT. I also thought of my friend Abby who has posted some Alice in Wonderland related posts on Sweetndirty. I have it sitting on the top of my dresser and it's not moving. A great night to post with the new camera, thanks Jas!

-Thanks O.G

The Power Look: Selection of Style Tips

The other day I started skimming through the library for the first time to do research on Gianni Versace. [Who in my opinion was a visionary for men and women in the eighties and nineties. It's this project or more the concept of the project that puts me in an indifferent mood. It seems very middle school, which does give me confidence that I can produce amazing work but on the other hand doesn't seem to challenge me. A challenge-that's what I came to New York for was a challenge. It seems like I'm being more challenged outside of the classroom.]

Now that that excerpt had happened, let me get to the point of this story. While in the library looking for a biography on Versace I came across "The Power Look". Which was written by Egon Von F├╝rstenburg and is something I want to live by. This book is filled with tips obviously on clothing, but also traveling and grooming. It really fills all the gaps for a guy looking to get right. It was printed in 1978 which doesn't surprise me because once the 80's hit it was all about "power". Power suits, power ballads that sort of thing. I'm all about this "Power" Style, here are some tips for the dudes.

-Matching ties, think texture before considering color
-Shirts;cotton, should be fitted to you as well
-Briefcase, the kind to carry is the best you can afford. Its often better to carry nothing while saving for a good leather attache care than spoil your look with a plastic case
-Jewelry, two rules; Keep it simple and in the world of business keep it minimal
-Sunglasses, they are practical. They are an effective shield against polluted air, debris, and UV rays.
-Patterns, Printed or woven, the stripes or plaids can be bolder and more definite for business.

There, some tips for you to clean up that hot mess of a look you call a style.

Let me know if you need any other tips!

oh..and I've got a camera now so just wait for the posts to start rolling.

The old gang...

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Happy Halloween!

Fresh Cut

done by a true O.Gotham
now in black.

Shoes. 2010

well Paris fashion week is dare i say "Poppin'" (yea that's an apostrophe to take the place of the g). Anyways, McQeen, Nina Ricci, Galliano-blowing my fucking mind! Good luck walking in these hunnie!

oh my god! insane plane taking off!
cruising altitude of crazy.

the slowface

The clock struck 2:00 am and we began to conduct our photo shoot in the dorm. My roommate was making BBQ sauce with large quantities of molasses. He began pouring the molasses into the bowl and i got a sudden urge to pour it onto human faces.

Tranny Files.

Hello friends,

I've been gone for a while but I'm back and brought some friends back with me.

Two new bloggers that will be adding more to this jankity blog.

Time for some Background;

O. Gotham

O. Gotham-

Hair & Make-up Specialist
From D.C. - Part Philippino Part Italian
Packs a punch. prefers MAC
He also draws and paints and has a killer style.
Also has a thing for teeth.
sweet tooth.



Daveede -

Real Name David, but a french name suits him better. for no reason.
Photography Expert
From Buffalo.
Reads more magazines than me,
and can use an Exacto blade way better than me.
Part of engaged and underage fiasco.
just kidding.

They are adding photos and stories and sillies.

Get ready for so much more.