1st Day.

First day was here and now its on to day two. Can't believe its starting up, with some job possibilities too. What I saw today in regards to my peers was a mixed review, some killed it with bow ties and great heels. While some flopped but it could have been first day jitters, whatever there's always tomorrow, on "the catwalk". haha

Something else to leave you laughing:

thanks bri.

Royal Bingo.

hello world. I think I came off my high horse from last night's post and I'm still feeling really good.

It's not a crime to be confident right?
Well anyways, my first step to fashion domination was buying Vouge, GQ, WWD, Details, and every other publication. (Let me know if there are any good fashion publications you like!)

Studying is the best way to understand and harness the knowledge of fashion. You can study the past and present, but also focus on the future. That's where my eyes are locked onto, MY future.

I believe its already started but I'll say that it starts Monday.

Moving on to my day (a brief excerpt of my day)
I went with a friend Ambrose and Ashley down to Soho today to get our shopping on, and especially to check out Micheal K. So good, they played the best Lil Wayne songs I've heard this year not to mention a very nice collection of shoes. It was great just walking and exploring all the stores I've never visited. In Soho there is a store very foreign but I've fallen in love with it, it's name TopMAN. HOLY SHIT the fit on the suit jackets and the coats were impeccable not to mention the style. I mean the price was a little high for some articles but ya know what you can keep the wallet and my soul for a few jackets.

now a reason why I NEED a new jacket or two:


now time for some rest before V-Spot tomorrow.

Bitches who Brunch.

for a late night treat my TopMAN favorites,

August 28, 2009

It's 12:41 AM (EST) and I've returned from a day of shopping, New York, and The September Issue. I guess the movie should have been at the start of my day to begin this euphoric state of drive I have tonight.

I'm young, fueled, and live in the fashion capital of the Western world.

The movie, The September Issue was a great piece of cinematography that the fashion world will covet along with The Devil Wears Prada (haha). It was funny and the audience that Chelsea brings to the theater was at some points funnier than the film. But this film wasn't meant to be a comedy, it was an independent documentary and I feel that the film covered many aspects of Anna's life and career in a respectful and playful manner.

I have two days before fashion school starts and this new found inspiration could not have come at a better time. My clothes have arrived and are unpacked ready for a new stage to walk on. I don't think I am the luckiest young man in the world but I would have to say in my world I have a lot of luck at this moment. I'm young, have a little bit of money in my pocket, and have new york city has a playground; not to mention fashion school 5 days a week. This is the time for me to start living and seriously working towards a goal.

With that said, my fashion is taking great importance as well as my education and my socialization. I have an amazing opportunity that many other kids have but I'm not "many other kids" unlike most "kids" I have a drive and ambition. I see the light before the enduring moments begin and you lose sight. Many of my "peers" are more excited to use a false ID and get into New York's nightlife and be a gossip girl before starting a career in fashion. At this point I can't worry about other people with the same goals, they should be worried of me.

Good night blog.
Don't think I'm too much
of an asshole.

I think it's New York talking.

Fashion School?

Is it me being a snob or does it irritate you when you attend a well-known "fashion" school and try to engage in a conversation with other students about fashion and they have no idea what you're talking about? Well that big run-off question/sentence has really irritated me mostly around noon but it carried it's frustration to the night. Although tonight was a very nice night reconnecting with a friend.


SO today I've been in meetings and all that shit with a ton of majors mostly business oriented and was leaving to go to lunch when I see a guy wearing the white Dior glasses from their s/s 09 ads. Of course I identified them because I read many Men's fashion magazines monthly, and I ASSUMED this person did as well. But hold on! I was mistaken because when I approached him at lunch to ask him about the glasses he had not even the slightest clue. After getting a close look they were a terrible imitation that was mass produced by none other than Claire's, which i'm not hating on I just am giving you the source of these glasses.

I just thought that some one would had semi-iconic glasses would know at least the ad I was speaking of or some clue about Men's fashion.

this is the advertisement I'm reffering to.

By the way...it's only the first week.


Well, I'm back from a long stressful leave of absence and it feels good to be blogging from New York for awhile. Move in is done and things are starting to fall in place and the meetings begin. Meetings of people and classes and departments which can be tedious and fulfilling in some regards.
This year I'll be blogging about my activities out in "the city" and fashion and love. Not really about love because uh there isn't any in New York (except in Sleepless in Seattle). But for the most part I think it will be on fashion, maybe some drawings and sketches I've done to illustrate Fashion Avenue.

My First Purchase from the City as a new home : a rug.



-thanks apple crisp.


Ladies TOP 5
from H&M


work to me isn't work here at FB. But everything good has to have something bad along with it. That terrible little shit is called boredom and the feeling of being unproductive. Some days if its just me in the store I want to cry and run far away. So with a few weekends coming up that I'm working all weekend I've decided to beat that, thus preparing "the list". Not like a bucket list but something to do either today to kill 8 hours or tomorrow.

keep productive internet.

craft time.

Over the past few weeks at camp I've been neglecting my blog. Fortunately i've been giving and making crafts during that time still feeling stimulated by something.

buttons pin.

woodshop art.

a clay little blob.

Creative Arts Special.

laurel leaves for Olympic Day.

One week left.
Two weeks till school.

4 Boxes of Space Bags.

20 days left.

I've got 3 pocket organizer

storage cube

6 bag combo set

4 bag combo set

I'm ready.