Royal Bingo.

hello world. I think I came off my high horse from last night's post and I'm still feeling really good.

It's not a crime to be confident right?
Well anyways, my first step to fashion domination was buying Vouge, GQ, WWD, Details, and every other publication. (Let me know if there are any good fashion publications you like!)

Studying is the best way to understand and harness the knowledge of fashion. You can study the past and present, but also focus on the future. That's where my eyes are locked onto, MY future.

I believe its already started but I'll say that it starts Monday.

Moving on to my day (a brief excerpt of my day)
I went with a friend Ambrose and Ashley down to Soho today to get our shopping on, and especially to check out Micheal K. So good, they played the best Lil Wayne songs I've heard this year not to mention a very nice collection of shoes. It was great just walking and exploring all the stores I've never visited. In Soho there is a store very foreign but I've fallen in love with it, it's name TopMAN. HOLY SHIT the fit on the suit jackets and the coats were impeccable not to mention the style. I mean the price was a little high for some articles but ya know what you can keep the wallet and my soul for a few jackets.

now a reason why I NEED a new jacket or two:


now time for some rest before V-Spot tomorrow.

Bitches who Brunch.

for a late night treat my TopMAN favorites,