Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas! (Late)

This is the best gift. Thanks Netflix. I knew you had it.

Did I ever tell you?

Did I ever tell you I love Naomi? Well...I do.
This shoot I found on Maison Chaplin reaffirms why I love her.
She's high-fashion and commercial at the same time.
Long live Naomi...
...with or without her Blackberry.

Nars 15 X 15.

I love good photos and beautiful people. This collection of photos done by cosmetics company NARS in collaboration with the celebrities photographed benefited 15 celebrity chosen charities. Marc Jacobs, Amanda Lepore, and Lisa Marie Smith are three of the 15 celebrities working with NARS, bringing their own photographs to the book which are really great. And you can see all of the shit I'm talking about at this website.

NARS 15 x 15

Happy Christmas!

I'll be back in a few days! Holidays are here, and I'll soon be off to Miami for the New Year!
Talk to you before 2010!


I'm not going to express any of my opinions on religion on my blog.
I just want to show you this...

Let a Ga live...



With Time to Spare...

Since I have some free time this holiday I've been abusing Netflix Watch Instantly. These are a few movies you should watch before 2010...




The Wackness

Two Days in Paris

These are some of my favorite movies I've watched in 2009.
And if you're a Netflix member you can watch them all instantly now.

Let me know what you think about any of those, or if you have a recommendation.


A Tribute to A Dark Bathroom

Directed, Photographed, & Modeled
by Matthew A. Ambrose

I'm Already Gone.

Interestingly enough I believe this model works at the Urban Outfitters on 6th and 14th.
Almost positive since he told us where the SALE section was...


so..it's been a few days...

I've been so crazy the past few days that the blog has been deglected...and for that...I apologize. Holiday madness has been consuming my life with parties and friends. It's been so great, and I am really happy to be back. So while my blog is taking a small nap you should watch this...

"Know what your problem is, Shapiro? It's that you just have this really shitty way of looking at things, ya know? I don't have that problem. I just look at the dopeness. But you, it's like you just look at The Wackness, ya know?"

W presents...

W Magazine
Creative Director
Dennis Freedman

Freedman discusses the inspirations behind the shoot. I love the commentary, eventhough this lady sounds like a old biddy talking about sex.


want more sexy? Check out the Pandorian gallery.

Last Night's Finds.

While killing time around town I stumbled across this antique mall which from the outside looked small and not promising. But was I wrong; This place was HUGE and had all of these glass cases full of jewelry, memorabilia, and antiques. Naturally once I entered this antique mecca, said my prayers, and started to browse I came across these....

...a Cobra ring only $15...

...and this birds claw ring only $17...

uh...good prices for good stuff. It was almost too good to be true!

ah...but it is true.

more finds to come!


I'm back! and beating!

I had some internet errors today but good news! I'm back with internet for blogging and all of those other great internet accoutrement. New rings and other goods to post about tomorrow...but I must get to bed! I'm exhausted!

but one thing...this shirt...

...is what I could call one of my favorite shirts.

Alternative Apparel



Gaga is Paper Money.

This is hilarious! Artist Craig Gleason has taken many of Lady Gaga's famous and infamous looks and made George Washington try them on. I wouldn't call this defacing!

Well first day back...

So for the holidays I'm heading back west, although I'll still be in the NorthEast...funny how geography works... None the less, I'm here and woke up to find that the wifi at my home was not working! So now I'm somewhere, around this little town at a chain coffee shop known as Tim Hortons using their free wifi. Even though I didn't buy anything, I just sat right down and started writing this. Funny how you always think you need to buy something and maybe it is the rules but I don't have time for rules...So since posting will be difficult, I'm going to leave an editorial, that I love for more than reason, to stimulate you 'til I can get some Internet away from corporate coffee shops...

I Love You Fake Magazine
Model Robbie Wadge
photographed by Fabien Kruszelnicki

Sounds for the Trip.

Music for
12-13 to 12-20.

Military March.

Another typical day in the life brings me to JFK and while waiting in the security line I spotted these...

(sorry for the shitty Blackberry image)

I couldn't really pull out my camera to take this picture because I thought it would be too weird. But maybe he would have understood. Nevertheless I got a pic of something, and I think you can get the idea. Those tan army boots are amazing! I love the color and the structure, and most importantly the lacing! It starts as a traditional lace up boot and then past the ankle uses hook lacing. So great to me! I have a soft spot in my heart and wallet for tan boots.

And instead of asking the service man where he got them I thought I would do some research for you...

If you want to know the exact name of them,
its the U.S. Army ACU Sierra Sole Desert Tan Boots.



Music to Check: Junior Boys

"Bits & Pieces"
Junior Boys

via stereogum

Ever heard of Mighty Wallet?

Have you heard of Mighty Wallet? They are tearproof, waterproof, and made from a single piece of tyvek. They come in some interesting patterns, and colors. In the video below, they are showing off their Lower East Side/Graffiti wallet. Even if you don't like the wallets, the music in the background of the video is infectious.

Bye New York.

One day left.

image via ffffound

I BOW OUT; Attitude Magazine

I Bow Out. Attitude Magazine
Photographed by Stephen Burridge
Styled by Janine Jauvel

CSC x Diana Luganski

ChickenShitConspiracy and photographer Diana Luganski have teamed up for their Spring 2010 collection. They are one of the many CHICKENSHIT collaborations but I find this one exceptionally beautiful. They have a super minimal website with all the goods. I really like the CSC x Leonid Alexeev collection in addition to the collection above...check it out.

Inspiration; Beyonce.

Have you seen "I AM...YOURS", the latest filmed concert performed by the one and only Beyonce. Thanks to gifts by O.G, I just did. It was an experience, a whirlwind adventure, and a beautiful hour of my life. The show was broken up into two parts, the first was her hits acoustic. One of my favorites was "Sweet Dreams" acoustic which is very delicate and amazing, you need to see it. Then the second half was the story of Beyonce, from Destiny's Child to her solo career and beyond. It was funny and interesting, although if you put anything in front of me that involves Beyonce I'll be fascinated.

I think the reason I loved the concert so much was that it left me inspired. Inspired to be a leader, and keep moving and working hard. Right now it seems I'm lazy and not ready to go get it. I'm almost afraid to move forward, like I won't know what to do when I push through. But B keeps pushing and inspires me to keep pushing forward in my career and my life.

Oh...and if you forgot what Bootylicious means...It's in the dictionary.


We Have Decided Not to Die.


from Cgunit on Vimeo.

Have you ever seen a movie and wished you didn't understand it? "We Have Decided Not To Die" could potentially be a movie like that. It was very stimulating although quite voyeuristic and almost unnatural. I suggest watching it, although you must have concluded to that since I posted it. But nonetheless it's not meant for you to be scared or have a reason to get stoned this weekend. It's just a cool piece of visual and audio art I recommend.

10:10PM or 10:10AM

Ever notice almost every watch commercials have their watches set to a specific time? It's always set to 10:10, it's said to be an urban myth. But I think it's a stylist cult trying to subliminally take over the wrists of the upper class. I'm only kidding, although it does make you think about the watch commercials and ads you see.
Look closely next time you see that little beauty the Sir Watch.

Watch the video...here.