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Start reading the Fashionisto's interview with River Viiperi, now.

He's the model of the month after all.

History in My Backyard.

Recently, in a turn of events, I was whisked away only a few blocks from my home to the Hotel Chelsea. All I heard was "private tour" and "rooftop" as we swiftly ran down 7th Ave to the NY staple. My good friend, Emily, the presidential scholar she is was researching the hotel and interviewed one of the most connected men in Chelsea, a great guy and jack-of-all trades at the hotel named Victor. He knew the Hotel Chelsea like the back of his hand, and gave Emily, another good friend Olivia, and I a tour on a beautiful day here in the city. I had no idea this was home to so many creatives, in the past and today. Every inch of the hotel's walls is filled with paintings, drawings, and sculptures. Which, I found out were forms of rent payment to the hotel from the artists living there! We even checked out a few of the rooms where you can stay today, which were once apartments to writers and musicians. It was such a treat, and I'm so happy to have gotten the opportunity to take a tour in a piece of New York history.

p.s. Did you know Sid killed Nancy in the Hotel Chelsea?

Check out some of the photos from the tour...

...more adventures to come!

J. Lindeberg Spring/Summer 2010


Summer is near!

Summer is near people! That's right, it was a beautiful 85ยบ in New York today, and it couldn't get any better! Now that the sun is finally here it was time to buy some new sunglasses. There's always been one pair that I've wanted for awhile and now with a steady job, I made it happen.

Ray-Ban large, gold aviators.

"Developed for their functional excellence. Desired for their legendary appearance. They are the styles that define lives. They are the Ray-Ban Icons.

Cool was invented in 1937. Originally developed to combat the blinding glare experienced by US Air Force pilots, Aviators merged formidable design with cutting-edge technology and changed the face of society forever."

Cool, reinvented in 2010.

Coitus Magazine...Issue #1 over...Coitus Magazine...need I say more?

These are a few shots that didn't get into the issue, but I'm not complaining! River Viiperi (and Rory Torrens) are taking over the first issue of UK based Coitus Magazine. Buy the issue here!

Selling by the £.

Collection to know: Gut's Dynamite Cabarets

Check out the latest from Gut's Dynamite Cabarets, a Japanese design duo. Nothing that new, but I liked it enough to post it on Hey It's Matt... My reasoning is that it's just black and the biggest thing it all looks ready-to-wear. Even if it isn't considered "ready-to-wear", I feel like I could wear all of it...

...and I like that.

Ponytail Magazine #5 Preview - Brooklyn Gang

One of my favorite magazines, Ponytail just released S/S '10 Issue #5! You need to pick it up, and read it. Part of the preview of #5 (I'm giving you) is this editorial I'm loving titled, "Brooklyn Gang" by Alexander Wang- I'm feeling it.