Snow Storm Sunday.

Sunday was a snowy day for Firebrand along with all of Western New York. That sucked because i had to dig my car out of M&T bank.

Yea that's my car, with glaciers underneath, luckily Lu Lu helped my ass get out!

SO moving on, i went to Jessie's house and I stayed there and drank her entire tea supply and watched half of her movie collection with 0 bathroom breaks.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Hold on Kiddies!

Check this out... the craziest action shots that are really interesting and some are a little disturbing.


Missing Readers!

Ever since one Saturday, I was exposed for wearing readers (glasses without prescription lenses)and ever since the said readers have been missing. I searched throughout the labyrinth known as Firebrand but nothing was recovered.

SO SANTA, I was thinking maybe a new pair of lenses would be in that bag for me!!

make it happen!

T-Pain Makes It Snow.

It's 8:19 and I don't know what I am doing up but that's not important. I am blogging and facebooking while listening to T-Pain radio on Pandora Radio.

On T-Pain's latest album, Thr33 Ringz he covers "Change". A urban twist on Eric Clapton's, "Change the World". "Change" also features Mary J. Blige, Diddy and Akon.

Back in 2006...

Today in 2008...

Fucking Inspiration.

Yea! Yea! Yea!

The Great Firebrand Sleepover!!!!


It says on:
"See the FB staff dish out cookies and cocoa in their footie pajama."

Where the hell do they sell large footy pajamas?!!

Yea, no.
So, I'm feelin' a nice cozy robe...

Joe Boxer + Firebrand

Get cozy kids!!

Holiday Cheer Ziplocked.

Thanks Jessie and Chi Chi!

They were delectable!

Tops never stops...

Seriously it never fucking stops.

I worked as a cashier for a consecutive 3 months (April to June) at Tops Friendly Markets. It wasn't for me, that's all I can say. But the point of blogging about this was because I was spotted at Firebrand and the street of Elmwood today.
They recognize me from the aisles of Tops in West Seneca. Seriously??!?!!
I must have been an fucking extraordinaire cashier or something because it's just weird, it was MONTHS ago and I'm on Elmwood far (but not that far obviously) from West Seneca. I have an AMAZING job now, sorry Tops!



If you loved me that much from my days at Tops, get down to Firebrand Footwear and I'll cash you out!

I'm here Saturdays and Sundays, and random days of the week for kicks!


Mama Dirty rocks the infamous glasses from Ritzy Rags.

Ritzy Rags=Amazing Buffalo Vintage Supremacy

Tin Man Bitches!

Ritzy Rags Save the Day!

My wonderful friend and co-worker Lu Lu has a birthday like most people
and she is a hard person to buy for! So where else to go other than
Ritzy Rags Consignment Boutique for Men and Women. As I thought, she
didn't let me down!

I found amazing vintage french straight-from-the-70's glasses (Picture
will be coming)! Totally Lu Lu and she actually tried them on and
wanted them so even more of a success.

Do you know how to get to Union Rd. in Cheektowaga? If you don't map quest the address because you need to check out this amazing vintage shop.

4060 Union Rd. Cheektowaga, NY

You won't be disappointed.

Verizon FAIL.

Since ten o'clock last night Verizon Wireless customers have been dealing with technical difficulties when sending and receiving text messages. I really have no idea why this is so...

I went to google and searched "12/12/08 Verizon Wireless Text Messaging Error".

I didn't find anything even with 74 results.

Thanks Google!

can i see id?

Members Only.

Lu Lu strikes again!

Please no!

Never wear just a white tee that is tight on your body, unless you have a body.



forget piracy

it was free stoooop-id!

thanks Urban Outfitters.

Early Christmas?

Brush Your Teeth!

Thank you Lu Lu!

Cellular Telphone!

I want it all for Christmas!
But this is good too:


Happy Holidays!

Only a few more weeks and Christmas is here! The team at Firebrand could be Santa's back up elves.

We've got that shit covered.

Flannel Panel.

I'm lovin' this flannel...

...thanks Lu Lu <3.