Carlos Campos F/W '10

NYFW 2010

So late, but check out Carlos Campos F/W 2010...

Photos courtesy of David Lovecchio.

Have one on me, Ms. Newsom

I waited 6 years, 6 long years for Joanna Newsom to release new music. Her previous album Ys was something only a genius could create. She is a brilliant composer who just doesn’t write songs and play the harp... she composes masterpieces. With songs like “Emily” and “Only Skins” I felt as though I’ve reach the top of beauty.

Have One On Me, Newsom latest release, (3 cd’s 18 songs, 2 hours) has proven me wrong.


Lighting Test.

Lighting Test
Photographer: David Lovecchio
Model: Matt Ambrose

12PM - "Morning Fix"

Although I've become a late riser, I try not to miss out on things happening on the blogs. The Fashionisto's "Morning Fix" was one of those things I wasn't going to miss out on. Their model of the month Yuri Pleskun was once again all over this shoot, photographed by Juergen Teller. I think its fun, even though Yuri isn't my absolute favorite model of the minute. Did you guys forget about River? Yea, not me either!


Desktop Photos...

So I've been very busy with work, school, and events so blogging has gotten the boot temporarily. That being said, I just wanted to recap the last couple of weeks here in New York.

Jess & I at Red Light PR NYC's Grand Opening Party

Bijules F/W '10 Party

David Lovecchio Photography.
Hair/Makeup: Orlando Gotham
Model: Me, Matt Ambrose

So many days later...Bijules vs. Ruvan

(getting back into the swing of things...)

Do you know Bijules? If you've seen a Beyonce video in the last year, or celebrities like Nicole Richie and Fergie,you'll know Bijules. I've had the pleasure of meeting and talking with her on a few occasions now, and she's beautiful inside and out.

So I had to show my support at her latest event in the East Village at EVA. Her F/W collection is amazing. Inspired by bones, it's another collection that I want to have!
Check out photos from the party....

p.s so good to be out with my girls Olivia (photographed above with me) and Jal!


OAK S/S '10 Collection Presale

We all know that I love OAK, and it's come time once again for the launch and presale! Good shit's here, so buy it before I do! Sale starts this Thursday, February 11th till the 28th!
If you're in the NYC area, go to the Bond st. location!

Takeshy Kurosawa Spring 2010

Takeshy Kurosawa Spring 2010
Models: Charlie Westerberg & Oscar Spendrup


Model: Olivia Wong
Hair/Makeup Stylist: Orlando Gotham
Photographer: David Lovecchio
Director: Matt Ambrose

Read: Robert Mapplethorpe

Coute Que Coute brings a great article to their site about the renowned photographer, Robert Mapplethorpe. If you don't like to read go watch the movie, Black White + Gray: A Portrait of Sam Wagstaff and Robert Mapplethorpe.

ACNE denim A/W '10

Finally, Tom's here.

Recently I've been on the job hunt, and one question on an application was, "What is one piece you feel you HAVE to have in your closet?".

I answered, "a Tom Ford suit".

Ironically enough the Tom Ford S/S '10 campaign was released recently.

Cute, no?

(via Homotography)

Dr. Martens in the Fall of 2010

I apologize for the long pause in blogging, but with school starting and things becoming very different it's been challenging. Don't worry though, things are picking up again, and I'll have more to blog about!

First thing on my mind-Dr. Marten's F/W '10 collection.

Have you seen them yet?!

Oxford and wingtip Martens.

Could it get any better?

Too bad we have to wait till the Fall...
Luckily my appetite for boots was satisfied.
I just got a really great pair of boots.
Almost like Dr. Martens' cousin.

Aren't they all made in England?