More Polaroids

I was gifted a new instant (polaroid) camera by Fuji, and I love it.

Same Old

I'm back once again, doing the same old shit.

Saying I'll be writing more and then never doing it.

So this time I'm not making any promises but I'm going to attempt to start again.

This week has been a week of reflection after a year of moving to New York, starting school and working in PR.

Now I'm kind of thinking about why I came to NY and what I'm doing now.

Back when I first moved at the time last year the blog was going at full speed, and then it slowly stopped and I need to keep this going.

New York is my playground and in a year I've completely overhauled my life with new friends, a new apartment, and a new outlook on life.

I need to remember my very young age and all that comes with it, good and bad.

Through watching my friends I've learned that I need to be using my hands and creating again because I haven't created anything in a long time.

I look at creations my friends have made and I fathom at how we all have the same parts but produce so many different things. One can make jewelry, many can take photos, and so much more is surrounding me.

I've finally started getting back to the idea that school is a good thing and this year's classes have helped me remember that.

It's time to get back on my grind and create again. One of my best friends, we'll call her Lulu, taught me to never stop using your hands and creating, and that's what I'll do.

One of the first things is to get this blog going, and making time for it.

For you and for me, either way, I win.

photos by me.

Fuji Instamax Mini