Beirut, Beirut, Beirut; Oh how I love thee.

For the past couple of days, my ipod has been on Beirut overload. My brain has been submersed with the sounds of Zach Condon and hasn’t been able to escape, then again, why would it ever want to?

It’s the only sound that doesn’t repulse me at the moment. It’s a sound of pure enjoyment, the sound of “life”. Cliché? Oh no doubt, but how else would I explain it? This is the music of true animation, the music that scares of the phonies and leaves the only real deal.

It's Sort of Fashion.

Have you seen the latest and greatest from American Apparel?

Someone's best asset and worst decision-of-a-tattoo,
finally being recognized.

On to the Next by Jay-Z.

Have you heard of MTV Jamz? It's an entire channel of R&B, Hip-Hop, and Rap music videos.
I love it. One reason being Jay-Z's new song "On to the Next".
Since when did Hova produce this kind of music video?
This video is meant to be an editorial, in my mind.
It's spectacular, and to back that statement up I took some of my favorite shots of the video...

If those shots have you itching to watch the video...


Don’t you let me go, let me go, tonight.

Haunting, nostalgic, memorable, beautiful.

Lykke Li shows us a new side of her singing an acoustic version of her breathtaking song “Tonight”. I am envious how she stands in front of that camera so effortlessly, so vulnerable, & so alluring. While watching her emotions spill out, you can't help it but you find yourself able to relate to her. She is beyond beauty, beyond words, and is truly an artist and a woman that deserves to be known.


We all love trannys, or at least I do.
They look better than some (dare I say it...more) than most real women. They're hot, and finally a magazine is here to celebrate their beauty.
Candy Magazine is the first of it's kind to be dedicated to transvestism, transexuality, cross dressing and androgyny. I don't think I can ask for more at this point.
Peep the reason for me posting about Candy....

...Terry Richardson shooting for Candy.
There's something about Terry, could it be his perversion? No, it's not.
I like his photography because the white in his photos are truly white; to me.

WATCH this video from Candy, it's cute.

CANDY 1 from Luis Venegas on Vimeo.


(via YVY)

The Ga: Now In Plastic

Hey Readers! Orlando, here! Our unofficial mascot, Lady GaGod has been immortalized with the highest honor of becoming a Barbie Doll. While these dolls aren't made by Mattel, many Gaga-crazed fans have been paying tribute by showcasing some of her craziest outfits on a smaller scale.
Take a peek-

I'm still waiting for someone to turn me into a doll.

Stay sexy, y'all.
-Orlando Gotham

Charolette Ronson Fall 2009.

I know it's late (Fall 2009) but seasons don't exist tonight in this blog.
I don't care about the clothes, I care about this video.
It's cute, and I love straight couples tonight. who knew?

p.s. Sorry for all of the videos,
soon the latest shoot will be up!

Close your eyes.

I posted this to my tumblr and the blog because I like it. Something about closing your eyes and dancing is so freeing, and enjoyable. I think this commercial for Gucci by Gucci is a pretty accurate depiction of that. Although, to Gucci's dismay I'm not going to buy Gucci by Gucci, or Gucci by Gucci POUR HOMME for that matter!

Australian Vogue, you're cute.

Australian Vogue from Greg Kadel Studios on Vimeo.

I don't usually like to post stuff about women, and things that are all that conventionally cute, but..this video is sweet, and short enough for me to post it.

via Le Fashion

Caution: May look like an American Apparel ad. On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with that.

We are suffering though that time of year where it seems as though everything is dull and stagnant. The thoughts of spring are looming in the back of our minds; the excitement builds up for the moment we can walk out of our homes without coats. This makes the anticipation unbearable.

Lust for Life – Girls

See a Trick, Pick it Up.

I'm amazed, and so is my friend.

Get ready to blow.

Hedi Slimane Diary, need I say more? Thanks to ffffound I stumbled into her diary! yes...DIARY! Although its hidden, it was no Narnia, but it is beautiful.
Here's a few photos from the site, but I highly recommend you scroll through the whole page.


Songs for the Week of 1/10/10 - 1/17/10

Friend & Club inspired.
Ashamed & Liberated.

Spring is Here...So is Color...

While skimming through the daily blogs of editorials and other fashion content I found this editorial for Vanity Teen online zeen. Photographed by Per Zennström it bright and lovely for the January/February issue of Vanity Teen. Model Cole Mohr from Viva Models in my best opinion is best captured in over exposed lighting and has great movement. I think this shoot goes well with my upcoming shoot this weekend. At this point conceptually the only thing the photographer and I spoke about was "big color". I think this is pretty damn big which is perfect...

...and if that isn't enough! Read Vanity Teen right here on Hey It's Matt!


Happy Birthday to One of Our Own!

Happy Birthday Orlando!

Do girls really just want to have fun?

Cyndi Lauper made a mark on the world of musique with her
poppy song titled: "Girl Just Wanna Have Fun"
We've all heard it, & we've all loved it at one point or another.
Try this version for a change...

Greg Laswell's cover of this classic 80's song
sends chills up and down the spine.
His haunting piano and crisp low voice is beyond words.
Put your leg warmers and over sized sweaters away kids, cause it's time to sit by the fire with a cup of coffee, and dabble in the thoughts of our existence.

Welcome to the World of Tom Ford.

Welcome to the world of Tom Ford! This is a feisty little site I came across, and I'm happy I did! Tom Ford has become synonymous with over-the-top sex appeal
in his ad campaigns, and this is no different!
Plus, any self-respecting young man in fashion knows the beauty of a Tom Ford suit.
Check out the site for yourself along with the images below...

"The World of Tom Ford"
Photographer: Joe Lally
Model: Ryan Koning

V Magazine: Size Issue

Curves, curves, and curves are all over V's "Size Issue".
I'm not mad at a curvy girl, especially when she looks like this...

...and the "One Size Fits All" spread..look hard at the side-by-side photos...

...and did you see Karl's contribution? "Co Co A Go-Go"

-Thanks Karl, I'll always love you..and Baptiste.

White of Winter.

"White of Winter"
Photographer: E.Maxwell, E.Ohara, M.Ambrose
Models: E.Maxwell, E.Ohara, M.Ambrose

Model Spotlight: River Viiperi

Hello River!
There's not much I can really say at this point,
other than THANK YOU to photographer Kai Z Feng!

via The Fashionisto

Behave yourself, you Cold War Kid.

"One gets all of you,
twos jealous,
three get even less,
four divides you up then...
you're left pleasing all your guests!"

Yes, yes, yes, those are the sweet lyrics from the song titled "Audience" off the new
Cold War Kids "Behave Yourself" - EP
Compelling beat, addicting voice, & don't we just love a song that is easy to sing along to?!


I'd like to welcome...

Hey it's Matt would like to welcome my good friend and newest contributor Emily Elizabeth O'Hara! She has been supplying me with music for many years now and I think it's time to bring her on board. Get ready for her because she knows good music, and is ready to tell!
So welcome with much love, I can't wait to see what you can do!


Options my friend!

If you want to check everything I have to say out all at once just go here!

Novelty of Youth.

Photographed & Directed by
Matthew A. Ambrose
Model Brianna Battista

Test Roll

I've been playing around with my 35mm and this was the product:

Note: The "photo specialist" at Walgreens told me my photos didn't come out that great.
Well asshole they are pretty nice if you ask me.

(first photoshoot coming tomorrow!)