hike 'em up!

I'm on a suspenders kick lately,

CORRECTION: I really like suspenders and we now sell them at Firebrand for $10.

Check these out;

From OAK, a t-shirt with attached suspenders.
costing way too much.

From h&M; from Lookbook.nu
21 year old model fashion stylist from istanbul

oh and yours' truly modeling.
Marc Jacobs Suspenders,Ralph Lauren Button down.

if that photo scares you...uh sorry
i got a taste of tyra today
and wanna be on top.

(Model blog post coming soon)

uhh...fur is green?

WTF! I was blogging around and trying to find a bag when on the Matt & Natt website found out about a little campaign called "fur is green". This crazy bullshit is all sponsored by the Fur Council of Canada.

From thier website, Fur Council of Canada:

The FCC (Fur Council of Canada) say this,

Fur is Renewable
Fur is Durable & long-lasting
Fur is Reusable, recyclable
Fur is Biodegradable
Fur is Energy & Ressource efficient

This is 2009 and if you didn't know things have changed! We have a black president named Barack! By the way, I'm not a crazy PETA member or anything I just think it's ludicrous to have a campaign using the word "green". People today are so easily influenced to buy something if it says "green" or "eco-friendly", which is good in some instances, but not right now! You can get great fur coats and accessories from plenty of faux brands and alternatives. I don't care if it's green, go buy some faux fur and rock that shit. It would make me feel better.

Thank you from a simple animal friendly blogger.



I went to Amvets the other day looking for a plaid blazer for spring. I really didn't find those but I did find some cool jackets and blazers.

This, your grandpa's old windbreaker jacket which I put in the "NO" pile and took out.

And a navy blazer from Levi Strauss with great golden buttons.

WIN sort of.
I'm still looking for the PLAID blazer.

Watch me!

Burberry came out with an Amazing watch and i love it.

Pretty much all you can say about one watch.
I mean I could go on about its genuine leather and craftsmanship but how the hell do I know if that shit is true. It's cool because you get a bunch of sick leather bracelets and a watch to top it all off!It costs $695 and you can pick it up at Burberry...maybe!



I'm feeling white jeans for summer, with white sneakers. Don't like? Don't tell....me!

I think a clean military/preps look is in my future...

It's still chilly!

So in BFLO its still pretty chilly around 35F, yea that is chilly!
So what does a boy wear in between the parkas and the shorts?

Pretty Much this...

you need thermals and pants (pants of your dreams)


most importantly, J Shoes, the boots from Firebrand.

stay toasty!

Pick your blackberry up and download!

This morning before by oral surgery madness i was on Pandora and there was a picture of a blackberry! FINALLY the Pandora application for blackberry has arrived! I lost it and went to download it immediately, but my internet was fucked up on my bb so I waited. Let me tell you, it was worth the wait.


pandora everywhere
if you have ears and a blackberry you need this.

I'm just sayin'
(click ME for the link)

Simple Observations

I will never create a "25 things.." on facebook but I do have some interesting observations about me and about other people. Some may be offensive but I don't really give a shit because this is my blog.

1.) I am right handed but wear a watch on the right side.
2.) People comment on my height (6') like two times a day.
3.) I check my blog, twitter, and facebook one after another.
4.) I eat junk food everyday but look like a starving child.
5.) People put the stupidest status updates on facebook.
6.) Sunny airports are always more comfortable.
7.) The "hot people" surrounding me are much less attractive when they
open their mouth and talk.
8.) The most "interesting" guys approach me but I usually shy away from them.
9.) People, based on their perception of my job think my co-workers and I are pretentious.
10.) I really want to be a fashion photographer on the street rather than merchandise but creativity in window displays keeps me wanting to merchandise.

I think 10 things is enough, I'm sure my ass-hole self will think of more "observations" for the blog.

"Look around, bitch, and put it on the blog."


These are a few footies for summer that I need
thanks to TRES BIEN SHOP:

I've seen these on a few blogs and for good reason, they're good.

Band Of Outsiders
Deconstructed Boatshoe

Band Of Outsiders
Deconstructed Tassel Loafer

these are a few of my finds.

Common Projects
Achilles Mid

Opening Ceremony
Suede Desert Boot

only two feet and one summer
plenty of time for every pair.

Welcome to the Dollhouse.

So it's 11:30 browsin' Netflix for a good film to watch. So I found one called Welcome
to the Dollhouse.

It was pretty interesting Netflix says this about WttD:

"The horrors of junior high are vividly re-created in this darkly comic tale of painfully awkward Dawn Wiener (Heather Matarazzo), who must cope with a dreary, middle-child home life as well as with classmates who mercilessly taunt her. Writer-director Todd Solondz's unflinching look at the nightmare that is early adolescence took away prizes at both the Sundance Film Festival and the Independent Spirit Awards."

Junior High was never so rough!

the whole point of this blog post is about some FASHION, you know how I do.

I'm examining the eye wear in the movie, and it was pretty damn good.

Mark the brother has some very interesting and similar specks that I found.

this spunky pre-teen has never tucked in neon pants so glamorous.

I love it to be honest, I'm talkin' the movie and the glasses.

This leads me to my next point on this rather lengthy blog.

I was raiding the drawers today and found these:

Black and Gold Aviators


I'm putting my RX in them. when i get $210.

it ain't my fault but I can upgrade you.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a America's Best Dance Crew fan. I merely catch the show when it's on.

now that, that's over let's get down to business. Lil Mama has been a judge for a long time on ABDC and she had a very "harlem" inspired look which is cool, ya know. The last time I was watching was probably season 1 or 2 and i liked it.

Well America, we are on season 3! THA-REE! Lil Mama has stepped up her game!

She went from Yankees caps and sneakers to dresses and hot head pieces.

season one:

and now...

What you know 'bout me, what you what you know?

I like I like.

Dear Bri...

Hello Brianna, it's matt! ya know, the author of this little blog!

Well I know it has been a rough day with the whole waiting thing.
It's going to be ok friend, do you want to know why??? I'll tell,
you because you are good. There are other schools that you will
get mail from and ya know, they probably want you! I'm just say-
in'. Plus a waitlist really means you've still got a shot and th-
ey just want to play with your head. They probably want to see
other fools come audition and make a total "DAVIDE" out of them-
selves and when the laughter stops, they will get down to busin-
ess and pic you as one of the class of 2012 or 2013, im bad at

HEY! while you wait for those silly landfilling-bad for the
enviorment-letters and envelopes I've come up with a list
of things to do while you wait.

OK Here it goes:

This is a map of all the thrift (goodwill, amvets, etc.)

(click for a bigger view, ya know scope it all out)

So there's like 20 stores so I say if we do a few week we'll have the entire Buffalo thrift on lock down. cool cool.

Below is a pic of your coat rack/hanger and it looks good. (hope it cheers you up)


Oh and another thing, I think you were brilliant in Vietnam 101.

think of that time on stage..you made me believe that you were part of that time.

"i believe"

ANYWAYS if you're feelin' down and need to distract yourself check this:

just a few memory joggers.

Well i'm pretty much done over here so yea, I hope it cheers you up and all.

Let me know.

I know you're going to do big things and move in with us. I know I know I know.




let's play a game,
it's called Amvets.

here's how to play:

1. grab a friend
2. go to Amvets
3. get a cart
4. browse (like a child on Easter, looking for their Easter basket)
5. try it on
6. buy

I played and won!

it works with any cream grandpa sweater

obligatory flannel w/ amazing shape and snaps.

half military.

oh yea, I splurged a little.

doesnt't-fit-my-head fedora.

yeah uh yea uh!

which way to the Army/Navy Surplus store?

Details magazine has put out an article in the latest issue about Investment Peices which was brought to my attention by Style Salvage blog. But I really didn't read that article because my eye caught "Hit up local army navy store for masculine basics". They got me! So it got me researching Buffalo's amry navy surplus store and we've got some options.

well two real options, on Larkin st.

so if I make it to the store things I need to get:

Traditional workman pants
Snap-front plaid shirts
Thermal henleys
Zip-up hoodies
Leather lace-up boots

some suggestions from Men.Style.com to Not get:

Any article described as "flame-resistant" or "high-visibility"
Camo field coats—make that camo anything

Summer is simple, military, earth colors.

all words, few pics.

So Blogger out of my 73 posts or so I have only leave you with a small amount expression. But ya know what, I'm feelin' a little wordy, maybe you'll like.

I'm attempting to clear my mind in this blog post and feel the need to get out what's going on up there to find some clarity.

Well it's March the 11th and I cannot believe where the time has gone. I'm really trying to manage my time wisely but sometimes and most of the time I do a terrible job. I can't figure out who to say yes to and when to do everything. I am really lucky to have such an amazing and diverse group of friends that is not a typical teenager's group of friends (to me at least).

Lately, I've been feeling really tired ever since "jig in your pants". It was a few days ago but I feel like I'm still feelin' it. That was a crazy party and I want to thank everyone who came and showed support but it was a lot for me I think. I'm the youngest so I haven't seen as many things like that but it was cool, the party I saw.

UGH! speaking of being the youngest, it's been swarming my brain. Really only when I'm downtown and I feel that some people analyze my age and judge the person I am. It makes me feel really small and inferior when I know I'm not and just because I can't do everything you can do and go everywhere you go, doesn't mean I can't have fun and fun to be around. It really makes me uncomfortable and quiet to really blend and just listen rather than put myself out there so no one makes a big deal. But team firebrand doesn't care about that and that's why I really love them and can't show them enough gratitude for always showing support and never letting my age stop out friendship. They really are a wealth of information on about every topic I can come up with and are always there to answer a question or help me.

Segwaying right into work, I have realized that I stumbled into the most amazing job and I couldn't be any happier with the store and everything. Things are really falling into place around Firebrand but since October's bonding field trip to the co-op and spot we've really been close. Check out the side of our building in a few weeks, you won't be disappointed. I found myself going to the store and hanging out with lu lu and Jessie almost every day, which can hurt my gas and money in general but it's really important to me and I always learn stuff. I am surrounded by creative people and Jessie really lets me be creative with our windows and merchandising. Skills that I am really going to use in the next four years. I feel so ahead of most of the people entering FIT next year and I am going to have such an interesting and challenging four years ahead of me.

P.S. I really think that working and spending a lot of my time on Elmwood has changed my life. I remember two years ago going to Elmwood knowing one person and now I can walk into almost any store and be greeted by a friend. It's really crazy to think of how much time as gone by and how I've built up these great relationships with people in Buffalo that I don't want to lose but I know they will be here when I come home.

I just want my friends (whoever may read this blog post) to know that I really still enjoy spending time with you guys and need you more than you know. I think and know that I can get wrapped up and lose my mind but you know the person you met me is still in there. Elmwood has changed me and my hair but it's all good. We've got 4 months and I've going to live that time up! DAMN GIRL! WE GOIN' TO LIVE! UH!

I can feel the warm weather coming which makes me really happy to know that we are graduating and that I can get back to camp. It's a great feeling to know that we're moving on to bigger things. But I am bummed about a friend possibly moving to Hawaii but I know that she'll do so much good for those kids like she has for me. But I can't be sad because I am working with second graders for the second year in a row and can't wait. They are crazy and I am working with a rad girl named Elizabeth.

Oh! I joined Twitter (www.twitter.com/mattinbflo) I think that you should follow me. I'm trying to figure it out but I'm likin' what I see so far.

Another side note, I rarely watch America's Best Dance Crew (A.B.D.C. for those avid watchers) but Lil' Mama is a dime. She lost the NY Yankees hats and sneakers for really beautiful dresses and hair do's. So gets a thumbs up from this blog and may be the next blog post, I also contribute to FIREBRAND'S BLOG it's a fly blog, I'm just sayin'.

Well I feel satisfied with this blog post, and got most of everything out. DEEP BREATHE IN....and DEEP BREATHE OUT.

Very clear. Thanks for reading.

If you still are breathing and have both contacts still in your eyes after reading ALL of that then I recommend you get a snack and drink some water.

I care about my readers, that's all.

I love you!


I liked this simple bike from, whitebicycle.com.

Makes me think of spring.


H&M is collaborating with upcoming talent called, "ART BY"

shoboshobo is the latest project designing these pieces for spring.

French designer with Japense influences.