which way to the Army/Navy Surplus store?

Details magazine has put out an article in the latest issue about Investment Peices which was brought to my attention by Style Salvage blog. But I really didn't read that article because my eye caught "Hit up local army navy store for masculine basics". They got me! So it got me researching Buffalo's amry navy surplus store and we've got some options.

well two real options, on Larkin st.

so if I make it to the store things I need to get:

Traditional workman pants
Snap-front plaid shirts
Thermal henleys
Zip-up hoodies
Leather lace-up boots

some suggestions from Men.Style.com to Not get:

Any article described as "flame-resistant" or "high-visibility"
Camo field coats—make that camo anything

Summer is simple, military, earth colors.