uhh...fur is green?

WTF! I was blogging around and trying to find a bag when on the Matt & Natt website found out about a little campaign called "fur is green". This crazy bullshit is all sponsored by the Fur Council of Canada.

From thier website, Fur Council of Canada:

The FCC (Fur Council of Canada) say this,

Fur is Renewable
Fur is Durable & long-lasting
Fur is Reusable, recyclable
Fur is Biodegradable
Fur is Energy & Ressource efficient

This is 2009 and if you didn't know things have changed! We have a black president named Barack! By the way, I'm not a crazy PETA member or anything I just think it's ludicrous to have a campaign using the word "green". People today are so easily influenced to buy something if it says "green" or "eco-friendly", which is good in some instances, but not right now! You can get great fur coats and accessories from plenty of faux brands and alternatives. I don't care if it's green, go buy some faux fur and rock that shit. It would make me feel better.

Thank you from a simple animal friendly blogger.


JayBEE said...

like Apple does with MAC lol? ;)