Simple Observations

I will never create a "25 things.." on facebook but I do have some interesting observations about me and about other people. Some may be offensive but I don't really give a shit because this is my blog.

1.) I am right handed but wear a watch on the right side.
2.) People comment on my height (6') like two times a day.
3.) I check my blog, twitter, and facebook one after another.
4.) I eat junk food everyday but look like a starving child.
5.) People put the stupidest status updates on facebook.
6.) Sunny airports are always more comfortable.
7.) The "hot people" surrounding me are much less attractive when they
open their mouth and talk.
8.) The most "interesting" guys approach me but I usually shy away from them.
9.) People, based on their perception of my job think my co-workers and I are pretentious.
10.) I really want to be a fashion photographer on the street rather than merchandise but creativity in window displays keeps me wanting to merchandise.

I think 10 things is enough, I'm sure my ass-hole self will think of more "observations" for the blog.

"Look around, bitch, and put it on the blog."