Another Reason to Live!

I Second that Motion.

My Boss Jessie and I have been discussing the current status of a store dog. There is no status, we NEED a store dog! Check out her blog ( she posted too.

Wikipedia says:

"Jack Russell Terriers are sturdy and tough, measuring between 10" and 15" at the withers. JRTs are also extremely loyal towards their owners, and highly territorial. If a Jack Russell decides that something belongs to it even the most persuasive owner is unlikely to convince them otherwise."

What more do we need?!


What's the deal with the high gas prices in buffalo!? The WHOLE country give or take a few states but we have noticeably higher gas prices then other surrounding areas.

I'm not feelin' it.

Hey Santa! It's Me!

I'm posting some stuff I want for Christmas. Maybe Santa is with the times and blogs.

Just a few St. Nick.
Just wait!

oh baby you ever seen Saturn No, not the car but everywhere we are

She's all mine.

2 On Your Side. Why?!

Two days ago, Channel Two released a very disturbing message,

"Chesley McNeil Moving to Atlanta"

On his blog he wrote,

"n this business, you see people come and go all the time, but what happens when it's your turn. I didn't know what this day would be like or feel like, and to be honest....I still don't know.

I’m looking forward to the new challenges and opportunities that lay ahead, but at the same time, I’m sad, because I’m leaving a great family.

When I came here 4 years ago, I didn’t know much about WNY, but I was accepted almost instantly. I was treated as if I had been here all my life and I will never forget it.

Thanks for the good times, words of encouragement, the well wishes that help me over Bell’s Palsy. And thanks for accepting me for simply being ............Chesley McNeil.

I Love you WNY. God Bless You."

Women with Attitude.

My girl Bri (who has a sick blog you should check out) is a hard working musical theater woman who has auditions coming up. She's in need of monologues for these auditions. Bri stepped her game up and went to Borders where she found a great book of Monologues. It's my duty bloggers to give you an excerpt of two of these blogs!


By: Stehpen Adly Guirgis

The woman's name is Boochie! (yea Boochie!) twenties

This is a little of what Boochie has to say:

"Society would suffer if I die for multiples of reasons. Number One: As an exotic dancer I bring smiles to the faces of many sad lonely mens, and sometimes womens too if they into that. Number three I am extremely fly- as you definitely noticed- maybe n the top ten of the flyest women in the city, and if they serious about keeping New York beautiful then they gotta keep me around, right?...I'm also a sexual surrogate, when means I teach mens to fuck fr educationalism, which is important to society since I teach mens to fuck better and God knows womankind could more mens who fuck better-"

I couldn't say it better myself Boochie.

Onto a holier monolouge, the only holy part is the title.

By: Stehpen Adly Guirgis

Saint Monica, could be any age, but in New York production was played by a woman in her twenties.

Saint Monica is a very sassy woman, who could be any age, or any race. In "real life" she was the mother of St. Augustine. We are in the After Life , and there has been a petition to reopen the case of Judas Iscariot. Saint Monica is very much in support of this petition.

SAINT MONICA: "Hey, y'all. Welcome to my world...So this is the part of the story, where, if it wasn't for me, there wouldn't be no more parts to the fuckin' story. OK? My name is MONICA - better known to you mere mortals as SAINT Monica. Yeah, dass right, SAINT - as in "better not don't get up in my grill 'cuz I'll mess your shit up I'm a Saint and I got madly saintly "connects" OK?....Anyways, Up in Heaven, a lotta people don't wanna hang with me 'cuz they say I'm a "Nag", It's true. And you know what I say about that? I say; "Fuck them bitches," 'cuz - you know what - I am a Nag, and if I wasn't a nag, I wouldn't never made it to be no Saint, and the church wouldn't a had no Father of the Church named Saint Augustine - 'cuz I birthed that mothahfuckah, raised him and when he started messin' up, like all the time constantly. I nagged God's ass to save him!"

This is her fuckin' world.

I hope it makes you laugh like I did.

Tuesday Nights are Sounding Sweet.

Anyone reading this blog older than 65 (which probably won't happen) should know that some spunky singing students will be coming to a nursing home near you! That's right, all of your favorite holiday carols will be performed in the comfort of your bed or recreation room!

Any Holiday you celebrate this winter!





You can make requests!

On random Wednesdays and Thursdays in the month of December!

Don't call us, we'll call you.


What's my Motivation?!

Oh shit I found it...



I'm feelin' these glasses that are just glass in the lens.

They're pretty sick and I want to pick up
a few pairs from Urban Outfitters or somewhere.

Only $18. Pretty sick way to mix things up!

Daft Punk. Winter?

I'm pumped for the winter sort of and increasing my mood is Daft Punk.
Yea I know they have been around for a little bit but this is my blog!

"Fresh" - Daft Punk


Eclectic Company

$10 - Saturday November 29, 2008

Check it out.


Heartless from kwest on Vimeo.

Kanye did it again.

My Pick on this Sunday....

Working all day, I listen to Pandora Radio and my radio today is Chromeo.

"Needy Girl" - Chromeo



So I have a month and then will be getting a new phone.

But which phone??


Verizon Blitz

LG Decoy

Samsung Glyde

LG Dare

Choices! Choices!

Who are you?

Someone named James Messana wrote, "I hate your face".

Who are you?

"Don't play with your food!!!!"

Check this shit out, Fucking Latte Art.

If only Spot...if only.

Mass Appeal Excitement.


This Friday BUFFALO!

Mass Appeal Fashion Show!

This Friday Novemeber 14, 2008.

Doors open at 7.
Show starts at 9.

Firebrand will be reppin'.

Get your ticket! NOW!!!!

My New Favorite Song.

The song of the night at my party was "Donk" by Soulja Boy

It's the pick of my life!!!

Yea it's perfect for dancing in a window.


Firebrand was the place to be on Saturday night.

It was a sick birthday party!

Dancing in the window.

Cake with headphones.

FB Family!

Very fun November 8th.

Back in the Saddle Again

New York was a lot of fun and a complete culture shock. I'm ready to go to school down there! I visited LIM - The College for the Business of Fashion. It's campus buildings are off of 5th ave. How many colleges can say that? It's definitely a possibility.

In other news.....


I'm so ready to crank the music and party with all my closest new and old friends.

Sorry if you didn't get invited!

Before you go check out Soulja Boy's New Dance. It's called "Birdwalk"

Matt's Daily Pick 11/05/08

My Pick of the day this Wednesday.

"Outta My System" Bow Wow ft. T-Pain

Pandora Radio likes it.
I like it.

Countdown to NYC

So I will be going to New York City at 4:30 tomorrow and I have nothing done!

I will give you a status update:

-Empty Luggage


Die Hard Shopping. 11/7

New York I'm comin' for ya!

Matt's Daily Pick 11/04/08

Yo yo! As i am blogging and jammin' to my ipod. This was the song I knida liked.

Today's Pick is:

"ALONE AGAIN (Van She Tech Remix)" - The Teenagers.


Third Time is the Charm.

My pals stopped over for an impromptu photo shoot. We began to think of all the great trios this world has experienced....

Three Stooges

Destiny's Child

The Girls Next Door

You get the idea.

Matt's Daily Pick- 11/03/08

My Ipod is on shuffle and this song is striking a chord!

Today's Pic- "Toxic feat. Tiggers" Covered by Mark Ronson.

It's a sick CD. Pick it up.

It's My Birthday!

It's my birthday bitches! I am really excited yet nothing that exciting has happened! The party of the year isn't for a few days but that's ok I'm preppin'.

Did i tell you? .....I'M GOING TO NYC!

Yea! Somewhere in there.

More blogs to follow on this breaking story.

Matt's Daily Pick 11/02/08

Today on Pandora my radio is really delivering.

Today's pick is:


Check that shit out.

Part of the Family.

Today Sunday Novemeber 2, 2008 I finally have a job! I would say my "dream" job! At Firebrand Fucking Footwear! It's perfect and I couldn't want anything more! I will finally get to do what I want to do! I will be starting this upcoming Sunday a week from today!

I'm so fucking excited!

Jess you are my life!

Lu Lu I couldn't want more in a wife! You sexy woman.

I'll Take Them in Red.

So bloggers my obsession has been funky headphones along with my girl Bri Bri! Shout out to you! I really wanted to devote a blog to the headphones but now I feel my thunder was stolen in a way by her blog post. So I will simply say that I would like these headphones that you can find at Urban Outfitters.

_Side_Bar_: They are posted with a "LIMITED AVAILABILITY" warning on Urban

I urge you to think fast.

Let me buy them all!

Matt's Daily Pick- 11/01/08

So last night a sick teach named Shannon told me about some sick artists.


Celebration of my Birth Begins soon!

Not only is the presidential election 3 days away my birthday is 2 days away! November 3rd. Although not much is going on during the week I have a pretty sick weekend ahead of me. On Thursday afternoon I'm heading to the new york till Friday (not long enough). I'm going for college interviews and tours with an ulterior motive to get some new threads for the party!
Then Saturday I will be celebrating in style with my closest friends downtown! So with the election day coming up and no school I will be planning and prepping for the weekend ahead of me!

Obama Countdown!

Ok! It's that time to get out and VOTE.

There's only 3 days left till we get some change!!