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(Sun+day)-Sun= day.

Well Sunday June 28, 2009 is a bust.

it looks like this:

and i'm pretty sure I stepped in dog shit. That's what the image above should be but that's disgusting.

Fail #2 is this:

Being a fan is something that annoys me to the point of smashing the screen of the computer. It's purely because the things you can be "a fan" of are ridiculous..such as "being a smart ass". RIDICULOUS, too bad they couldn't find a photo to represent being a smart ass! Whew!

BUT there was one positive, while iChatting with my friend Bri, I started using "Pages" from Apple's iWork. The stuff is pretty nice, I have to admit although Illustrator and Photoshop ARE way better. I got the iWork '09 fo' FREE thanks to Bri who got a fancy new mac just the other day! So watch out grads, dads, and all of the above we'll be whipping cards out at Hallmark speed! All while iChatting, which has become a new hobby of mine, i'm thinking iChat is the new talking on the phone.

And another day at FB is done.
-Au Revoir!

P.S. Special thanks to Brandon for printing out and finding an envelop for my card!

MJ Our Way.

Men's Fashion Week: Paris

Men's Fashion Week:
S/S 2010

Alexis Mabielle

HUGO by Hugo Boss

Jean-Paul Gultier

Louis Vuitton

Rick Owens

Yves Saint Laurent


black white + gray.
by James Crump.

I was trolling around Netflix looking for something to watch when I found this movie, "Black White + Gray". A documentary about Sam Wagstaff and Robert Mapplethorpe, the artists and lovers that they were. Along with singer and poet Patti Smith, the third player of their team. Hearing stories about Sam and later Robert really intrigued me about their New York lives and their relationship till the end of Wagstaff's life. Sam, art collector, photographer, and sugar daddy. Living at the top of the penthouse at One 5th Avenue with only photographs as furniture, he was dark and perverted and really interesting to me.

The film showed a lot of photographs he took which were quite inspiring and frightening. He was hooked on drugs and sex and was said to turn into a different disturbing person when he was abusing drugs.
As for Robert he was only 26 when he met Sam at 51 and learned everything from him as well as getting an apartment and sharing the exciting life of New York in the 1970's. His career took off leaving Sam's career behind. Sam died of AIDS leaving Robert with millions of dollars in art and photographs.

OK now that I gave you my synopsis I will be giving you my whole thought on this film.

It was great, which is a shitty way of starting that but it was. Wagstaff is perverted and scary but really intriguing to me, especially how he spoke about getting lost in the photos. He was very fine tuned when it came to color, he said that one black in his friend's photo was blacker than the rest, that you can stare into that particular black for a life time.
A lot of his photographs are about sexuality and are obscene to most but they don't really offend me because I can see beyond the overall picture and look into the details and emotions that he has captured. Although I left most of those out of this post, they are very fascinating and I recommend you to look at them. He really knew how to grasp the concept of pleasure in photography. Even though had an a fuck off attitude he could capture the essence of the photograph's nature whether it was serene or horrific.
He inspires me to pick up the camera again now that I have a clearer answer of what power photographer's possess.

Photographs by Sam Wagstaff and Robert Mapplethorpe.






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friend time

haircut at Leon's

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Photoshop:the Enemy

I've been trying to get my hands on the latest copy or any version of Photoshop CS4 or CS3 which has been more than challenging. The Photoshop version I have is Photo Elements 4.0 which is great for a new father editing photos of their baby in order to make Christmas cards or something but I need something more serious. Now that I've learned a little thanks to Ben and my bored curious nature at home or work get me the good stuff.
So a friend told me about this website where you download something and something else needs to download and then BAM! you've got Photoshop CS4 retailing for $999. Well that worked for the two times I opened it, the third time it told me my serial number was invalid (whoops!) So I've been looking for the serial number but came up flat, so my great boss Jessica has allowed me to snag a copy of her Photoshop that I know how to use and it worked out great! So now I can work on this shit banner of a sales tag above this post.

OH! and if any one wants a banner made for their blog Leave a comment with an email address.

Now I'm off to figure our what I'm doing for the day, paddle boats on Hoyt Lake?


Well I haven't posted in what feels like weeks although its only been a few days. So I'm making one big mess of a blog post right now to make up for lack of posts.


Passion Pit at Mohawk Place was a bust. Sort of. Mohawk Place is well...sketchy. Oh and Passion Pit didn't play till 3 hours after the concert started. But I did have fun with my friend although I missed some other people in attendance, it's cool. It just sucked not having Lu Lu there since we are best friends and love Passion Pit and it would have made that show amazing bottom line.

One positive of Lu lee not being there is that I met her really great co-counselor Sarah from Connecticut. Who is so funny and looks like Whitney from the Hills and not Molly Ringwold but that's fine. I'm sure we've got a fun iChat summer ahead of us.

Something I wanted to post about a few days ago but I didn't:

Chris Habana’s A/W 09 accessory collection
found at OAK now and I'm feeling these accessories.

Raf Simons for Fred Perry
the clothes are rad but i'm more in love with the photography. I really enjoy the blurry black and white filter. which makes me think about getting back into photography although I broke my only digital camera.So I'm back to the Kodak disposable! great.

Although I love summer I'm not a huge fan of summer clothes as I am with winter clothes. I like to layer, like this blue sweater, i have a white one ready to be worn again!

Well It's Friday and tonight is Shock & Awe featuring Teen Heat as well as Nylon's summer tour but if I had to choose it was be S&A duh! So you may see me there tonight to make up for the poor Passion Pit night.

But really on my brain is college, at FIT. I'm totally excited yet not really sure if I'm ready for life on my own. Although I won't be alone since I have a bunch of room mates that are great, it's still on my own. But once I get to New York I know it will all pan out, plus I have a list of things I want to do my first year like seeing a designer fashion show at Bryant Park, explore different neighborhoods, hang out with Christina and G-head, and intern some where. It's not long but I'll probably add to that list.

So with two months and summer camp on the horizon just call me Mr. Matt Assistant Counselor, Second graders.

Goodbye Friend

As the summer begins, she's off to camp.

I'll miss you, but we'll always have iChat.

ta ta for now Katy, or Khole.

Waking Up In Vegas


New computer fresh off of the assmebly line.

for blogging power.

no more noises.

basically my old mac was like this:

Filling my head.

graduation day.

the damn prom.

Me and My date. .

the crew


We found this black vintage dress with an amazing black neck for bri to wear to prom. This part of the post is the place to tell you, you killed it at prom. Her hair, makeup, shoes, and dress just killed. So proud of you, thanks for making a statement and not a mess i loved it.

happy prom.

New Season. New Tricks

So prom is over and after roughing it and the gay pride parade selling shoes I am exhausted! But I had a great time laughing at the dresses and formal wear and dancing to a few songs although the "dj" sucked. But it was really great to spend time with my friends in basically a MTV Real World house without cameras. We spent the weekend at this cabin on the beach and it was a good time although I haven't got a full 9 hours of sleep in about a week.

While I was shopping last week for the post prom cabin shit to do I picked up some toys that I'm really excited about.

This Chinese yo yo was only a buck and it's so cool. I'm trying to learn from YouTube video just to do something to pass the time. My friend Emm and I were messing around with it during the camp fire last night and were getting into it.

One day I hope to be like the kid in this video.

yo yo yo.

Get It Gurt.

In two wednesdays.

Passion Pit

w/Cale Parks


June 17, 2009

7 pm.

Come by Firebrand.
while we still have it.

tickets $12.

One day: Golden Trailer Park Prom



see this at the ballroom.

us not daft punk.