(Sun+day)-Sun= day.

Well Sunday June 28, 2009 is a bust.

it looks like this:

and i'm pretty sure I stepped in dog shit. That's what the image above should be but that's disgusting.

Fail #2 is this:

Being a fan is something that annoys me to the point of smashing the screen of the computer. It's purely because the things you can be "a fan" of are ridiculous..such as "being a smart ass". RIDICULOUS, too bad they couldn't find a photo to represent being a smart ass! Whew!

BUT there was one positive, while iChatting with my friend Bri, I started using "Pages" from Apple's iWork. The stuff is pretty nice, I have to admit although Illustrator and Photoshop ARE way better. I got the iWork '09 fo' FREE thanks to Bri who got a fancy new mac just the other day! So watch out grads, dads, and all of the above we'll be whipping cards out at Hallmark speed! All while iChatting, which has become a new hobby of mine, i'm thinking iChat is the new talking on the phone.

And another day at FB is done.
-Au Revoir!

P.S. Special thanks to Brandon for printing out and finding an envelop for my card!