Photoshop:the Enemy

I've been trying to get my hands on the latest copy or any version of Photoshop CS4 or CS3 which has been more than challenging. The Photoshop version I have is Photo Elements 4.0 which is great for a new father editing photos of their baby in order to make Christmas cards or something but I need something more serious. Now that I've learned a little thanks to Ben and my bored curious nature at home or work get me the good stuff.
So a friend told me about this website where you download something and something else needs to download and then BAM! you've got Photoshop CS4 retailing for $999. Well that worked for the two times I opened it, the third time it told me my serial number was invalid (whoops!) So I've been looking for the serial number but came up flat, so my great boss Jessica has allowed me to snag a copy of her Photoshop that I know how to use and it worked out great! So now I can work on this shit banner of a sales tag above this post.

OH! and if any one wants a banner made for their blog Leave a comment with an email address.

Now I'm off to figure our what I'm doing for the day, paddle boats on Hoyt Lake?