Well I haven't posted in what feels like weeks although its only been a few days. So I'm making one big mess of a blog post right now to make up for lack of posts.


Passion Pit at Mohawk Place was a bust. Sort of. Mohawk Place is well...sketchy. Oh and Passion Pit didn't play till 3 hours after the concert started. But I did have fun with my friend although I missed some other people in attendance, it's cool. It just sucked not having Lu Lu there since we are best friends and love Passion Pit and it would have made that show amazing bottom line.

One positive of Lu lee not being there is that I met her really great co-counselor Sarah from Connecticut. Who is so funny and looks like Whitney from the Hills and not Molly Ringwold but that's fine. I'm sure we've got a fun iChat summer ahead of us.

Something I wanted to post about a few days ago but I didn't:

Chris Habana’s A/W 09 accessory collection
found at OAK now and I'm feeling these accessories.

Raf Simons for Fred Perry
the clothes are rad but i'm more in love with the photography. I really enjoy the blurry black and white filter. which makes me think about getting back into photography although I broke my only digital camera.So I'm back to the Kodak disposable! great.

Although I love summer I'm not a huge fan of summer clothes as I am with winter clothes. I like to layer, like this blue sweater, i have a white one ready to be worn again!

Well It's Friday and tonight is Shock & Awe featuring Teen Heat as well as Nylon's summer tour but if I had to choose it was be S&A duh! So you may see me there tonight to make up for the poor Passion Pit night.

But really on my brain is college, at FIT. I'm totally excited yet not really sure if I'm ready for life on my own. Although I won't be alone since I have a bunch of room mates that are great, it's still on my own. But once I get to New York I know it will all pan out, plus I have a list of things I want to do my first year like seeing a designer fashion show at Bryant Park, explore different neighborhoods, hang out with Christina and G-head, and intern some where. It's not long but I'll probably add to that list.

So with two months and summer camp on the horizon just call me Mr. Matt Assistant Counselor, Second graders.