New Season. New Tricks

So prom is over and after roughing it and the gay pride parade selling shoes I am exhausted! But I had a great time laughing at the dresses and formal wear and dancing to a few songs although the "dj" sucked. But it was really great to spend time with my friends in basically a MTV Real World house without cameras. We spent the weekend at this cabin on the beach and it was a good time although I haven't got a full 9 hours of sleep in about a week.

While I was shopping last week for the post prom cabin shit to do I picked up some toys that I'm really excited about.

This Chinese yo yo was only a buck and it's so cool. I'm trying to learn from YouTube video just to do something to pass the time. My friend Emm and I were messing around with it during the camp fire last night and were getting into it.

One day I hope to be like the kid in this video.

yo yo yo.