Victorian Beaches.

Salt Mill, Buffalo Waterfront
Photographed by William J. Ingalls
Models: Matt Ambrose & Laura Robinson

Sunday Night..It's here.

Sorry it's been a little light on Hey It's Matt! this weekend. This isn't a way of slipping away quietly or anything. I've just had an amazing holiday weekend, and tomorrow I'll be back and blogging. Be ready, with all the proper acutriments. (you'll have to find the proper acutriments)
So good night, and see you in the morning sunshine.
I need my beauty rest.


YSL Cruise 2010

Do it YOUr self: Busted Pants

I've had these H&M pants I would call my "staple" piece. Although I hate using fashion terms like "staple", it makes me think of girls who shop at EXPRESS and watch E! News. Regardless, those black pants had a good run but had they we're at the end of the journey. Stains in the front and back, as well as a missing button were the clear indications that it was time to lay these to rest.

But my large heart wouldn't let that happen so I began to think of what I could do with them.
The answer was clear...ACID WASH, ya jackass!
Now that I'm out of New York for the holiday, I have a washing machine and a utility tub readily accessible. That means it was time to drop acid. I used a paint brush to create strokes of color on the pants. This process is fool proof and if I did mess it up it would have been OK because I would have just tossed them in the trash. But that wasn't the case and now I've got some amazing pants...rebirthed!


1. Wet the fabric
2. Paint, flick, pour bleach
3. Let it sit, till you're happy
4. Rinse the fabric off
5. Wash in the washing machine
6.Be a bad bitch**
TIP: Best results are found with used and washed many times.

**Being a bad bitch is optional.


From Hey It's Matt to you.

INTERVIEW: Gareth Pugh

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courtesy of SHOWstudio .

Feld Hommes #2

This is the second posting I've done on Feld Hommes magazine. This post is dedicated to the cover story photos. They are brilliant. I need to subscribe today, as well as should you!!
Feld Hommes hits newsstands
December 3.


Be back in a few hours...


An early present...

OAK's feel thanks sale
20% off clothing and shoes
9.26 - 9.30
online now and in stores

-Jealous I won't be back from holiday!
Get the new Acne for Men blazer for me!

-you're welcome!


I've got my blog dreams!

daraGOY (Russian for Expensive) has put an a new line currently at ROGAN here in NYC and I couldn't be more excited about this. I found them at one of my favorite blogs to read Fashionisto and I want more. These shirts are made from a hand-cut stencil and then hand painted onto the fabric-uhh why wouldn't you want one now?? My time is tight before I get out of this city tomorrow, but I want to try to get dow to Rogan and special order one of these tees!

daraGOY will be on my Christmas list-no doubt.

Fold up please.

Fold here for Daniel Carlstein's work for Restaurang de Ville .

Love it? or Hate it?

Agyness Deyn was spotted at the **Twilight: New Moon premier with black hair. Furthermore New York Magazine style section, The Cut calls her "Little Bo Peep goes goth".

So what do you like more? Ice blonde or pitch black?


As for me, I love the black.
But any reader of this blog could tell you that.


**I will never post anything regarding the actual content, buzz, or pop culture status of the Twilight movie saga.

Fusion 2010

Good morning and Happy Monday!

Two of the biggest schools in the city are participating in a head-to-head challenge known as Fusion Fashion Show. FIT and Parsons New School for Design will be competing in the Spring of 2010. It's been getting bigger and bigger since its start in 1998. I'm very excited for 2010's show mostly because I am MODELING! This bitch is back, I know the runway has been a little lonely, but guess what? I'll be on the runway walking for an FIT menswear designer named Mack.

Charge your defibrillator because I'm back.


GET this.

ya like?

Thanks to JP!
Can't wait to
see you again!

Reads: Feld Hommes

Feld Hommes Preview - Joan Pedrolar - Tina Luther

Feld Hommes Preview - Dead Man - Jakob Wiechmann -Markus-Pritzi

German based Feld Hommes has been on my mind constantly. Mainly because I used one of their images on my BlackBerry background. But they've also been featured on all the major blogs and sites-and for good reason! The editorials they produce are so stimulating you have to stop yourself from drooling and touching yourself.
Check out thier blog, for more fun.

Good News for the BlackBerry!

I began browsing the net on my blackberry tour and naturally I ended up on Hey It's Matt! and I realized something. The text and images are perfectly aligned to be read on the small BlackBerry screen! So that being said, if you have a blackberry or any other internet-enabled phones check out Hey It's Matt! whenever! Why not even comment...?


Did you ever realize....?

Dakota Fanning: 2003

Dakota Fanning: 2009

I recently spotted Dakota Fanning while I was browsing the net for some good stuff to stay educated on. I couldn't believe it! The last time I remember seeing Dakota she was pulling Brittany Murphy's ass around New York in Uptown Girls. Who would have thought she grew up so fast? I bet we're are almost the same age! Can't wait to run into her at the club!

Could she be the next scene girl of Hollywood?
Let's hope so!

Fred Perry turns 100.

Good Afternoon! Its somehow already the afternoon and I've been working hard all morning! Finally getting some time to tell you about the Fred Perry 100th Anniversary party last night! My good friend Dom was amazing and extended the invite to me and I couldn't refuse. How many Fred Perry parties have I been thus far, zero. None-the-less I have had a big interest in Fred Perry, and more importantly an OBSESSION with the Fred Perry x Raf Simons collection.

The party was held in the lower level of SPiN and it was beautiful. The walls were dripping in Fred Perry images and clothing. There were even ping pong games going on, of course the tables were the embellished with the Fred Perry logo. But the boys in bow ties and thick rimmed glasses truly set the evening's standards.

Big thanks to Danae Dade from Fred Perry, it always feels good to meet another 716-er in New York. She was so great,and even got us in the V.I.P room! Very nice to meet her, and (side note) she's gorgeous!

Keep going Fred Perry, 100 years more!