So this was my Thursday night...

Thursday night began at the Save Fashion event at Inven.tory on (insert street name) which could easily be called a HOT MESS. The only good part of that party was it was warm since New York is getting really cold. Once we had enough of "window shopping" we left and headed to the Surface2Air sales event.

S2A was more my speed last night because you can only go to so many "buy our stuff in our over-crowded flagship store" events per-week. It was intimate on the 6th floor in SoHo, and it became a much better way to get to know my new friend Jess as well as the Surface2Air crew. It was also a really great way to check out the collection of clothing and of course the jewelry. And believe me I looked at the whole collection.

SIDE NOTE: While at the S2A event I wasn't the only one peeping the jewelry. So was Sean, and that's all I know about him. He's a model here in New York and you may remember him from the OAK August 2009 editorial. Man, I have not forgotten him since and it was crazy we were just looking at the same rings...ha! So he's not at Tyson Beckford status but he was just fine. Black glasses and all.

If you read this blog like I'd hope you do, then you know I'm a jewelry binge! So naturally I told my friend to NOT let me purchase anything considering I had prior knowledge of S2A. But some things fall flat, like pasta, and extensions, and the pact we made to not shop. So I walked out of there with the three-finger unfinished silver ring.

Love adding new friends and new pieces to my collection.