Birth-DAY (part two)

This is part two of my birthday blog post (after 4PM EST).

I went to class and came back to find a lovely note from my friend Emily.

Then I attended The Blend at the Poisson Rouge to hear Jasmine Takanikos speak.
I love her and her work, and love working with her. The event was truly "rouge" and a great way to spend part of my birthday night.

And came back to find Starbucks waiting for me at my desk, thanks to Olivia & Sonmin.

Oh and a bag full of LUSH products thanks to my favorite room mates.
Thanks David & Orlando!

Shout out to Jalnar for the amazing face mask and the BIRTHDAY KISS-love ya girl!

Then we had a toast and went off to Cafeteria for a late dinner.

While at Cafeteria, another table was getting wild. And when I say wild I mean spilled a bottle of poppers on the table-wild. POPPERS! who the hell brings poppers to Cafeteria!? Anyways dinner was great and I really appreciate all that Orlando and David did.

So overall-the city treated me well. And I had a great birthday. Now going home and getting my runway on.