(200th POST) Birthday Wish List.

Good Morning to you! It's my 200th post on Hey It's Matt: A Blog and DAMN does it feel good! It took a lot to get where I am today but I'd like to thank each and every reader for reading! Stay reading because these posts keep getting better and better!

Back to the post:

At the eye-watering time of 9:27 AM, I am awake and trying to stay that way. For in one day I will be a year older, (the age I will not tell you). I'll let you assume or guess, drop me a comment. Anyways for my birthday I believe it's only fair to let the world know what I would like for my birthday. No one in my life (that I know of) are mind readers or dream catchers so this list will suffice. Now, just as a warning this list will be short and have no monetary limits. I'm just a boy trying to enjoy himself!

& the list begins:

suede black hiking boot

Blackberry Tour 9630

Matt & Nat - "Kenner"


Happy Birthday
to me.


Ambroses said...

Hey.. It's ICE Tony... Very nice pieces on the trade show and the the clothing co. That was the company that offered you the Internship in LA next summer?

Thanks for BD ideas.. I was already aware of the BB phone.. we can talk!

HAppy Birthday...

Ambroses said...
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