Do it YOUr self: Busted Pants

I've had these H&M pants I would call my "staple" piece. Although I hate using fashion terms like "staple", it makes me think of girls who shop at EXPRESS and watch E! News. Regardless, those black pants had a good run but had they we're at the end of the journey. Stains in the front and back, as well as a missing button were the clear indications that it was time to lay these to rest.

But my large heart wouldn't let that happen so I began to think of what I could do with them.
The answer was clear...ACID WASH, ya jackass!
Now that I'm out of New York for the holiday, I have a washing machine and a utility tub readily accessible. That means it was time to drop acid. I used a paint brush to create strokes of color on the pants. This process is fool proof and if I did mess it up it would have been OK because I would have just tossed them in the trash. But that wasn't the case and now I've got some amazing pants...rebirthed!


1. Wet the fabric
2. Paint, flick, pour bleach
3. Let it sit, till you're happy
4. Rinse the fabric off
5. Wash in the washing machine
6.Be a bad bitch**
TIP: Best results are found with used and washed many times.

**Being a bad bitch is optional.



clairegrenade said...

I love doing that with a dark wash since the rusty color gives off a pattern that can look like flames

Happy thanksgiving, dahhling!