I'm very fortunate to be surrounded by fresh and exciting talent in my new place of residence and this is another reason why. My good friend Jalnar, a jewelry maker and I were browsing the Internet at different pieces of jewelry and fashion and we started getting ideas. At first I had a ring in mind but when we left the computer and headed into her workshop she pulled out all these chains. Then the draping began around me-that's what you call CUSTOM. It's an amazing idea to wear necklaces in such an unconventional way. Usually a standard necklace is worn around the neck but this is worn around the neck, shoulders, and comes together in the back. I call it the three-way because it connects all three main chains together in the back. I know people have already created something like it or will but this is our story and our creations. Plus, this team is the close to my heart. Love you J. I love the new piece.