Reinvent Yourself

"Reinvent yourself" is a phrase made infamous by Madge herself, Madonna. Often donning new hair styles and wardrobe changes, each image overhaul often came with a new British accent or some sort of new religion.

Well, the crown of "The Material Girl" of this generation has been handed down to none other than Lady Gaga. (Affectionately called "The Ga") She has been hustling the streets of the Lower East Side making her debut on the music charts last November with her single "Just Dance." Four Number Ones later, she is the first debut recording artist to score four numero unos. As if that's not enough to shake a stick at, she has mastered the reinvention.

Once sporting long brunette waves, she traded them in for pin straight platinum locks. With each new music video she provides us with a different side, or facet of The Ga. Whether it's a house party Gaga, a Futuristic Gaga, a Gutter-Punk Gaga, a Victorian Gaga or the latest, the Gaga Monster, she is never short on wowing us here at Hey! It's Matt.

Now is it any surprise that the Ga has said she wants to be "bigger than Madonna"?

But the big question is, who will you be next?
Til next time,