Dear Bri...

Hello Brianna, it's matt! ya know, the author of this little blog!

Well I know it has been a rough day with the whole waiting thing.
It's going to be ok friend, do you want to know why??? I'll tell,
you because you are good. There are other schools that you will
get mail from and ya know, they probably want you! I'm just say-
in'. Plus a waitlist really means you've still got a shot and th-
ey just want to play with your head. They probably want to see
other fools come audition and make a total "DAVIDE" out of them-
selves and when the laughter stops, they will get down to busin-
ess and pic you as one of the class of 2012 or 2013, im bad at

HEY! while you wait for those silly landfilling-bad for the
enviorment-letters and envelopes I've come up with a list
of things to do while you wait.

OK Here it goes:

This is a map of all the thrift (goodwill, amvets, etc.)

(click for a bigger view, ya know scope it all out)

So there's like 20 stores so I say if we do a few week we'll have the entire Buffalo thrift on lock down. cool cool.

Below is a pic of your coat rack/hanger and it looks good. (hope it cheers you up)


Oh and another thing, I think you were brilliant in Vietnam 101.

think of that time on made me believe that you were part of that time.

"i believe"

ANYWAYS if you're feelin' down and need to distract yourself check this:

just a few memory joggers.

Well i'm pretty much done over here so yea, I hope it cheers you up and all.

Let me know.

I know you're going to do big things and move in with us. I know I know I know.




Jazzy Lady by the name of Bri said...

Matt, oh my god I love you so much.
How is it that you know what to say, always? That cheered me up so much I was grinnin like a fool! In fact, I'll probably read it again after I post this comment. But yeah, you are wonderful and definitely one of the best friends in my life I could ever ask for. Yeah, yeah so I'm feeling sappy its MY..well Ok. But seriously thank you so much that blog post cheered me up immensely. Mission accomplished :)