Inspiration; Beyonce.

Have you seen "I AM...YOURS", the latest filmed concert performed by the one and only Beyonce. Thanks to gifts by O.G, I just did. It was an experience, a whirlwind adventure, and a beautiful hour of my life. The show was broken up into two parts, the first was her hits acoustic. One of my favorites was "Sweet Dreams" acoustic which is very delicate and amazing, you need to see it. Then the second half was the story of Beyonce, from Destiny's Child to her solo career and beyond. It was funny and interesting, although if you put anything in front of me that involves Beyonce I'll be fascinated.

I think the reason I loved the concert so much was that it left me inspired. Inspired to be a leader, and keep moving and working hard. Right now it seems I'm lazy and not ready to go get it. I'm almost afraid to move forward, like I won't know what to do when I push through. But B keeps pushing and inspires me to keep pushing forward in my career and my life.

Oh...and if you forgot what Bootylicious means...It's in the dictionary.