Fashion School?

Is it me being a snob or does it irritate you when you attend a well-known "fashion" school and try to engage in a conversation with other students about fashion and they have no idea what you're talking about? Well that big run-off question/sentence has really irritated me mostly around noon but it carried it's frustration to the night. Although tonight was a very nice night reconnecting with a friend.


SO today I've been in meetings and all that shit with a ton of majors mostly business oriented and was leaving to go to lunch when I see a guy wearing the white Dior glasses from their s/s 09 ads. Of course I identified them because I read many Men's fashion magazines monthly, and I ASSUMED this person did as well. But hold on! I was mistaken because when I approached him at lunch to ask him about the glasses he had not even the slightest clue. After getting a close look they were a terrible imitation that was mass produced by none other than Claire's, which i'm not hating on I just am giving you the source of these glasses.

I just thought that some one would had semi-iconic glasses would know at least the ad I was speaking of or some clue about Men's fashion.

this is the advertisement I'm reffering to.

By the's only the first week.