The Power Look: Selection of Style Tips

The other day I started skimming through the library for the first time to do research on Gianni Versace. [Who in my opinion was a visionary for men and women in the eighties and nineties. It's this project or more the concept of the project that puts me in an indifferent mood. It seems very middle school, which does give me confidence that I can produce amazing work but on the other hand doesn't seem to challenge me. A challenge-that's what I came to New York for was a challenge. It seems like I'm being more challenged outside of the classroom.]

Now that that excerpt had happened, let me get to the point of this story. While in the library looking for a biography on Versace I came across "The Power Look". Which was written by Egon Von F├╝rstenburg and is something I want to live by. This book is filled with tips obviously on clothing, but also traveling and grooming. It really fills all the gaps for a guy looking to get right. It was printed in 1978 which doesn't surprise me because once the 80's hit it was all about "power". Power suits, power ballads that sort of thing. I'm all about this "Power" Style, here are some tips for the dudes.

-Matching ties, think texture before considering color
-Shirts;cotton, should be fitted to you as well
-Briefcase, the kind to carry is the best you can afford. Its often better to carry nothing while saving for a good leather attache care than spoil your look with a plastic case
-Jewelry, two rules; Keep it simple and in the world of business keep it minimal
-Sunglasses, they are practical. They are an effective shield against polluted air, debris, and UV rays.
-Patterns, Printed or woven, the stripes or plaids can be bolder and more definite for business.

There, some tips for you to clean up that hot mess of a look you call a style.

Let me know if you need any other tips!

oh..and I've got a camera now so just wait for the posts to start rolling.