Just Breathe.

I'm starting this post at 10:36.

I've been very negligent about my blog this past weekend. I get really into it starting Sunday night into Monday and so on but then the weekend comes and lately they seem to get really busy. But I don't take pictures of the busy weekend or feel to share about the events taking place like I have done in the past. So I'm starting fresh and I've been thinking a lot about summer looks for me and fall but that's just a blur for now. These images are inspiration for my late spring and summer looks.

the jams

I'm still on my skinhead kick, so now that I've got the boots I'm on the lookout for Fred Perry. It's a stretch but you never know what you can find at the vets and beyond. I would like just one or two polos. Although Pete's face and body is so sickening the outfit's inspiration is still there.

He gave me the inspriation of today's outfit.
But as of 6:50 p.m. all I want is a hoodie. Which is hard to find since it's summer except American Apparel but I'm broke so no American Apparel zip-up for me. But what I really want is this:

The Rocky Eco-Fleece Zip Hoodie

hopefully it warms up!


Lulu said...

Hey suckah. That FP chicks hair was the reason I cut it so short three years ago. YAY. so happy you have it.