Runny nose, without a tissue

well after a never ending weekend I am here...monday night. It started with a concert and spiral pitch on friday. Saturday was fb time and PROM ON A BOAT bridging into sunday a sleepover! and then I was swiftly off to work with a side of a birthday party. So crazy but a lot of fun.

When monday rolled around I felt like I was dressing for my own funeral. All black, every part of me was in black and i love it. I find comfort in black and no it's not due to the fact that it has a slimming nature. I'm already skinny thank you very much. I am really wearing black because I am mourning the fact that I am IN school, when I should have been skipping or just NOT there. Yea, yea 30 days left or some bullshit but I DO NOT CARE. That's just time to live if ya ask me. So blogging around I found that I'm not the only one in all black, check this from

yes, the image directly above me has embodied me to the fullest. Just sulking like a little bitch and I don't really care. At this point my emotions were blended with a magic bullet and got a comfort lid for the ultimate party machine. I met this guy who i think is rad and would like to get to know him but I'm not sure where he is. You may read this blog post and that's totally fine because you are a good dancer.

I guess this is the time to tell you that I've doped myself up on Contact Cold+Flu and Sudafed and am partially delirious and shouldn't operate heavy machinery or really be talking because I've got diarrhea of the mouth. Oh while I'm rambling let me say one of my best friends, Bri got some sick glasses and i'm happy she did. although we didn't find a dress. But I was dressed in all black, delerious, and running my mouth with an entire wall of trinkets ready to be bought and put on a shelf.

tomorrow is the main rehearsal for Mommy's Day Concert and that really chaps my ass.. wanna know why?? because I HATE TO SING, anymore I do not care at all. Love ya mom! I just need to sleep tomorrow and not worry about singing for 4 hours. I want to enjoy my day. and I just want to bleach some clothes maybe, who knows I can't bleach shit that well.

And I watched a movie and a half (1.5) this afternoon, one was Hate Crimes, a gay drama where the one guy gets murdered and the boyfriend and other crazy women try to find out who did it. Basically a big gay episode of CLUE or BONES or something. It was good but not that shocking but it was sort of. And the other movie was Helvetica, a movie about the font on everyone's computer. Yea it sounds like a big snoozer but it isn't (I haven't finished but I'm into it) It talks about how it was created, where it was created, and how it is the most used font throughout the world. Which to me is really interesting since I've seemed to pick up a fascination for fonts on everything.

I'm really wondering who made it, where, why, why they chose that font. I don't really know where it came about, I guess from BEN who teaches me about Photoshop now and agian. I sat there and am still looking at all the different fonts the internet has to offer and am stimulated by that. Which shows how much it takes to stimulate me but that's fine. I'm really considering going into graphic design although it's a little late to change at this point but I've got plenty of time. I'm only going to be 17 going into college. I've got time even though I've been thinking of aging lately to an age I DO NOT want to be anywhere near. I couldn't tell you why, but I was and have been daydreaming all day. and sit in my room on my bed in all black doped up on cold remedies, with ramen noodles and netflix and find bliss right there. no where else, daydreaming about people and places, and stuff. just stuff. that has nothing to do with anything. So i just sit there and feel better than I did when i woke up Monday morning making a plea deal to skip school just for a single day. did it work? nope, I got 20 years to life without parole and no bail. now I know how Robert Murdoch feels, i think? That bastard stole tons of money.

I NEED rest and do not want to go any further but I feel better that I posted my thoughts, and I'm GUARANTEEING grammatical errors because I don't feel like scanning this post, so please look past that.

good night.