A wrap up at the beginning;

So it's Saturday morn' and I decided to start writing today and maybe do another rambling post in a few days. I've got an extra day on Monday. But I want to begin with an apology that the posts aren't as consistent as they have been. I keep losing the cord for the camera and so I don't get the photos on the computer to upload to blogger. Therefore a pretty spotty blog, but I'm working on it.

I found the cord and uploaded the post about the ties. Which I'm excited about although I don't know when I will wear them right now since it's summer or almost. But even if it was a cold day I really don't have a desire to dress in that manor.

I just finished watching This IS England, a movie about a late 80's skinhead gang in England who accept this young boy (a BABY), Shawn who has lost his dad and has no friends. His only friends are the members of this gang and its really graphic and I cannot believe this kid as a bold as a Sharpie. Talk about a baby, yea go watch This IS England and then tell me I'm a baby. But back to the movie which was really good in the end and on a side note, I have a thing for movies with English beaches on cloudy days, don't ask.

BUT the main reason for telling about this movie is the fashion of the Skinhead-ers because they were amazing! I've been hunting for doc marten boots and really skinny short jeans but now I'm going to be like a Lion in the racks at Amvets. Because that is just the best style I've seen in a movie so far. Pretty much every actor or actress in the movie had suspenders and acid wash jeans and rad haircuts. Well the girls were the ones with the great hair, the dudes were uh...skinheads.

So I'll be wearing suspenders at Firebrand today, no question. This post should really be in my senior project because that's where I got inspiration from. Even though the presentation went really well and people are really receptive and open to my ideas, contrary to the ignorance I thought would occur. So thanks to you class, although I don't like many of you. I'll accept you.

Here: some slides from the project.

talk to you soon.


G Head said...

Kudos. This is England is such an amazing movie. I'm not one for suspenders, but still kudos.