Fake or Real?....FAKE

So with my lack of life I turned on the TV which was my first mistake. E! channel was the first channel that popped on airing this show called,

E! Entertainment Specials: Fake or Real

The show is a program where a team of judges or whatever ask questions to see who is lying or not about their plastic surgery. This was the episode about transgendered men to women. I love a good tranny show but this was like a root canal of cable programming. I'm sorry there's no graphics or videos to show you but that's a really great thing. BECAUSE IT WOULD ROT YOUR BRAIN and i like you too much for that nonsense. As for my brain, it's rotted.

But what I'm really shocked at is that one of the "judges" is Debra Wilson. Who is hysterical on Madtv and other programs. So I'm sitting there like "Whaaaaaat???" "What is this girl doing?" She was asking serious questions being transgendered with no humor or attempt to be funny. Which made me incredibly sad but whatever I'll think of the good times...

bunifa latifah halifah sharifa jackson!

So I found another graphic while searching for the E! Special; Best Friend, Caralyn. on iChat.

totally posed but uhhh...it's hot right?

all i see now are
golden trailer parks...