Sicky Nightmare Face.

OK great! it's 2:47 and the sun is shinin' having a hell of a good time while it left a path of destruction. Poor mommy (jessie) is sick in bad because of the rapid weather changes or something. But that's not cool at all even though I was just ichatting with her and she is alive. Uh I want her to be in good health, and as Matt from Spot would say, "Who's watching Firebrand?!?!". Today it's Lu Lu and just Lu Lu. Wanna know why?

Oh i'm not leavin' you hanging!, it's because my beautiful gold 2002 Saturn s-series is now on it's death bed too. I can barely type the words due to the great amount of depression setting in but that's how dedicated I am to the blog. It all happened this morning on the commute to school, a little snowy but nothing I couldn't handle, when all of a sudden my "SERVICE ENGINE SOON" light came on.

So I was kind of curious but I was pullin' a 'Save by the Bell' running into school with no time to worry about the damn engine. Well I walked out at 12 to the car and that little sign was still on, so I called pops and told me to take it to some place called Faulkner's. To be stared down by three skeezy gentlemen who could save my baby or let it die. Oh and did they know they had that much power!

So 15 minutes later, they tell me something about the exhaust or engine shit or something. Nonsense, uh if you didn't know I can barely drive let alone know what to do with a dying car. I needed a Dr. House diagnosis with the sarcasm, vicodin popping, and sexual undertones to get my car back in driving condition.

I don't think these guys at "the shop" knew I had to live by the they were talking
about leaving the car. So I bounced like an angry girl in the "4 Minutes" video so now i'm taking it back tonight to be diagnosed which is great because now I'm on spring break for two weeks with no transportation at this point.


But p.s. to Lu Lu,

I'm going to be working on the header project and will send you something later today. Oh and good luck at your interview, team fb is behind you!

I think all of my frustration is out.
thanks blogger