the rap up.

this weekend had some ups and downs. But in this post its going to be all ups. and maybe one down.

Friday I began working with West Elementary in thier production of " Who, Me? Yes, You!" sketches about social responsibility, by Michelle R. Davis. Here is an excerpt from the play:

"I'm Super Social Responsibility Man! Did I just see you knock those boys' superhero cards into that puddle over there? Yeah so? You ruined them. Nah, they can get more. Oh really? How would you like it if I took your game here...and stomped on it?!...So what are you going to do about it?...I'm really sorry I wrecked your superhero cards"

End Scene.

So basically we are using the art of theater as a moral compass for the youth of America. Which to me is way better than using religion or television. But this play beyond its moral higher ground is cute and these kids are not like Hanna Montana zombies or some crazy shit they accuse children to be. They are all fun and I found me as a child, named kevin with stylish black square glasses and he speaks at the right time and wrote his own skit and he's in like 4th grade, and its sick. That's what amazes me about children now that I am older is how much they can do and they are so young. To see a 9 or 10 year old write a skit and pick out rad glasses boggles my mind in a good way!

So moving on from the children, Saturday will be ingrained in my head for a life time. Because of Runway 2.0, and how amazing it was from the backstage to the runway I loved it! Erin Habes, if you read this blog let me tell you that you did an amazing job and I would love to be a part of anything you do. I've only been around Elmwood for about a year now and the shows I've seen you create are great!

p.s. Shock & Awe you kept the music so fresh, sleepyhead was a great opener.

Moving on to Sunday, well there's not much except team firebrand had some car troubles. Who else would come to the rescue but Nanners and Lar! so thank you to nanners and larry for stopping by the Firebrand before thier ellicotville trip!
In such a fluster of car issues are barely noticed the BRAND SPANKING NEW FIREBRAND SIGN! Um yea Firebrand has a sign the side of our building that you can see if you are heading North on Elmwood! It's amazing and team firebrand is in it as what else, cat headed models! I love and I hope you love it!! Oh and team block club and all thier friends stopped in to say hi today and they are fun while lu lee was passed out on gloria's couch. good times are plenty at Firebrand!

lu lu is on the left. jessie is on the right. and I am in the middle.

thank you mommy for making the sign! you are great!

Happy last weekend of April 2009.

peace !


Anonymous said...

Thank you baby, such wonderful words. xoxo