Feet. Everybody Has Them.

So I've been blogging even on my deathbed due to some sort of influenza and I've been noticing for a few weeks Men's footwear for Spring and Summer 2009. Now this blog is a judge free zone so if you do wear these sandals this Spring and Summer that's cool, i'm just not feeling it. Ok?

these are from OAK which is a great retailer I just dislike these shoes for S/S.

Galdiators for guys was so First Century PBS. Some Ladies can still pull it off in 2009 but come on, just
Save $300 and just look at my suggestions

just one boy's opinion.

canvas and sneaky steve's and j shoes won't get you wrong.


come to Firebrand Footwear
715 Elmwood Ave. Buffalo, NY

we've got feet.