I really wouldn't know what to call this post, I haven't posted in forever just because nothing is super mind blowing or exciting. I guess it's a slump, I mean some things are exciting but I'm not sure if it's worth putting individual posts up. So I have compiled it all into one long post. Almost like a twitter or status update but not.

Well let's go back into March, March 31, 2009. That was the Broadway Review, part talent show part choral concert with me as an MC. I did a really great job last year as MC and was even told I was the "Billy Crystal" of West Seneca West. Isn't that a hoot! So naturally I knew it could go two ways I don't live up to people's expectations or blow them away again....Let's just say they only laughed when I wasn't talking. Oh! by the way my mom and a bunch of other moms dressed up as sailors and sang "Honey Bun" from South Pacific, which was a total SURPRISE to me! So I sat there with an "O" face (no not with pleasure!!) in horror,shock,and laughter. So that night was a big FAIL but whatever I'm still beautiful at the end of the day.

Moving on to Friday, April 3,2009. I was joined by three friends and saw "Sunday in the Park with George" at Musical Fare theater. Let me tell you, It was great! The music and acting was great not to mention the clothes and accessories. They all had great parasols and dresses and suits that made me want to get up on stage just to model those clothes. But the musical was based on the painting and these people in the painting come to life in George, the author's head. It was witty and sarcastic and very well done by everyone. Which was followed by a gift card and hugs and Cheesecake Factory. Which got more awkward by the minute with the waiter and tattoos. Yea, I won't be back to the Cheesecake Factory for life which is a very good thing.

Onto Saturday April 4, 2009. A text woke me up by one of my best friends, which was totally a great way to awake from sleep. Which led to a team firebrand chat room with Ben getting silly with YouTube vids and this really great blog thanks to Ben (style rookie). Moving on two hours I went to firebrand to see Lu Lu! which was great and we worked the window which looks great. Then to dinner with a friend and a Starbucks trip with a couple of very witty yet mouthy barista's who just loved chatting with me, although they were pissed they had to be there they just wanted to mess with me. It got awkward and funny but the only reason I'm speaking of them in this blog is because they drew a face on my java chip which is a first for me!


Anyways it's Sunday a day of work at the firebrand, and I got here early. I created this photo shop project representing the book Twisted which is good because now I don't have to do it tomorrow.

My mom came in to visit and bought some stuff which was nice and then it picked up. People were rolling through firebrand which is great! OMG! OMG! OMG! So a ton of people were in here and then I noticed that it was a "weeds" scenario, one white woman, one African American man, and four white men. SO FANTASTIC I wanted a picture but that could turn offensive so it's only a mental image. But none the less I'm in heaven. And a cougar and her baby strolled in and I want to growl or make a cat sound because it's nutty (the couple, not really the idea of a cougar). OR she looks old and is young or the dude is older than he looks. But I'm sayin' she's a cougs that is getting some and god bless someone for getting that!

oh yea since Friday I think, I haven't washed my hair and I really like it. It's dirty and has so much product build up that I can do anything! I feel empowered by it sort of! I mean it's nothing like the "math is power" campaign but whatever!

ahh...finally a blog post in weeks!

I was going crazy!