Wednesdays are my days off from school and any other obligations so I finally decided to explore some of New York. I haven't seen too much of Central Park and any streets with a number higher than 28th so today I was determined to see 5th ave and Central Park. But really my main mission was to get to Bergdorf Goodman and see the entity it is. -it was beautiful. After that I had to check out the new Tommy Hilfiger flagship store which I didn't take photos of because I was on the phone. But I think its classic American and kept with the Tommy Hilfiger lifestyle and perfect for the 5th ave tourist. There was one cardigan I was eying because of its color (Royal Blue) and its rich elderly quality I saw walking down 5th by BG. After being an on-looker at stores, I went to Bryant Park to see the tents and be an on-looker. ha. I did get some looks which for me is a success in itself. You don't get many looks even if you are bat-shit crazy.

I love styling myself after the elderly, when I say elderly I mean the old men on 5th ave. To me they are icons in their own right, men don't have many choices to diversify their wardrobes so its easy for men to fall into a Most men go for the jeans and t-shirts look which is good for the occasional relaxing day, but MOST men choose that look every damn day (not hating just stating). I really admire that those men who chose to not dress in a casual manor everyday. I haven't worn nearly enough ties yet, but with the colder weather I am so much more inclined to put on a tie. Especially those knit ties you can get at BG for $115 or at J.Crew for half of that, I really love them (check the manneqiun in the 3rd picture). I'm just not sure if I can make the commitment to the well-dress men I'm going to become just yet.I've only been here for a month, let a girl live. SO today acid wash; tomorrow sweater and tie.

Enjoy these photos of my day.

Photos taken with my Blackberry,