NYC Fashion Week 2009


so i haven't gotten into the shows because uh...Yea I have no connections (the first step is admitting it). But it will get there eventually, i mean ya never know. There was one way to get into the shows. Volunteering. To me I don't want to do that but I know that's the way in and you have to start at the bottom. My school offered some but the line for the sign-ups were from 27th to Central Park and I couldn't listen to clambering of people (when I say people I mean 1000 girls and a tow guys) so excited to hold a door and a hanger. (YEA I'M A SNOB) That's one of the problems at school, there are SO MANY GIRLS here and only a handful of guys. I don't really care about the large amount of girls here where most guys would do a handshake or chest bump in response to hearing there's an estimated 80% of women here. uhh yea love the girls but its cool there could be at least maybe 40% men and 60% women. MAYBE? DAMN!

BACK to fashion week! So I've scoping the net and am LOVING the Band of Outsiders Spring '10 line.

more posts to come about what I'm loving.


Ambroses said...

I'm finding your comments on your fashion eye very interesting... good to see your gettting into the fashion capital of the Western World... keep up the commentary... it's great!

ICE Tony