Killing me softly with her song.

I had one more day till i went home to find some birthday gifts and i decided to go to Williamsburg. I found some gifts but that's not the point of the blog post, its to tell you about these two finds. Hanging on the fence at the corner of N11 st and Bedford was this vintage stone washed GUESS jacket along with a bunch of other clothes and goodies. This wasn't a legit store, more of like a pop-up yard sale without the yard. Anyways, there was a "deal" today name your price and get a free Vinyl. MEGA DEAL! I picked up Johnny Mathis' album "Killing Me Softly with Her Song".

mhm. three pocket, one sleeve.
get ready for the tranny files.


Julie McNeill said...

Matt, I am an old old lady and I have been looking everywhere for a copy of this album.. Please email me if your interested in making a few bucks... thanks