A Description.

I make blog headers once a week or so, but i try to keep a header up longer than a few days. But I like using Photoshop and such so my blog will be constantly changing which I think is good for me and maybe you. In this case the header I had with the fabric sample was embarrassing and I wasn't in the right mind when I posted. APOLOGY

As for the models in the header:

SPRING 2010 BLACK & WHITE MOSCHINO suit is wonderful to me. I love the coloring and details of the jacket. It reminds me of acid washing which I can't get enough of.

SPRING 2010 BERBER SHOP JOHN GALLIANO. I chose this picture because reading through VMAN and the blogs this head wrap is very popular for summer 09. I'm not a total fan of this but I'm not totally opposed to it since its not done in a racist or negative fashion.

D&G JACKET is what I really wanted to showcase because I LOVE the jacket. I'm in love with the military style and I would love that for the 2009/2010 New York winter. It has amazing detail on the arms, cuffs, and the chest.

Here's the image because there's a good chance this header won't be on there if you aren't following by blog on the regular.

more headers to come.