3 Hrs. Lft.

I'm working at the shop till 8 today and let me tell you it sort of flew by. But its still 8 hours busy and not so busy. So I had the two roll lunch special and a double scoop from Fowler's so I'm making it through.

Not to metion I went OCD on the back room and drawers (sorry mommy) .
I can't help but fix the mess if there is one.

One thing I cannot fix and have no intention to fix is the show "Beautiful People" by Simon Doonan. I've been watching episodes on and off all day.

this man's life has inspired the show, who has appeared on VH1 specials like "I love the 80's" and other stuff always wearing paisley and floral shirts AND was the window dresser for Barney's New York . (total run-on sentence but i dont care, he's great)

This show is based on his life as a teenager in Reding, England. It's a great show that I watch on LOGO all the time. Each episode starts off with Simon in present day as a window dresser and then a specific object Simon is using in the display will engage the story narrated by the Simon of present day. Then it takes you back to 1997 where his childhood happened and we meet the main Simon and his best friend Kylie and his family. I love the writing and how Simon is gay but that's not the total focus its just an underlying thing. It's really funny and can make almost any one laugh which is pretty good.

everyone needs to watch one episode.
so i provided a link.


you won't be sorry.